Mum spends £320k on 39th boob job to get OOO-cup ‘biggest breasts in the world’

A woman who wants the world’s biggest boobs has spent £320,000 on her upcoming surgery despite having nearly died four times.

Sheyla Hershey, 41, is having her 39th boob job in order to turn her 32K breasts into OOO-cups.

She will be using breast expanders in order to have 24,000cc of saline pumped into her implants.

Sheyla first had surgery at the age of 20 when she underwent liposuction.

The mum claims that she was told she had a “man’s body” for years and was teased from the age of 10 while growing up in Brazil.

Sheyla explained: “They said I had no shape or curves, was fat, had no breasts and wasn’t very pretty, which hurt me a lot.

“I was determined to change my body and look beautiful, so that no bully could ever tell me I was ugly ever again and that’s what I’ve done.”

Just one year after getting lipo she had a boob job to take her chest from B-cups to C-cups and became obsessed with looking like music star Dolly Parton.

She quickly became addicted to surgical enhancements and broke a world record with her size MMM breasts.

Sheyla told The Sun : “Some people have an obsession with the gym, mine is to have the world’s biggest breasts.

“I’ve already filled up a balloon with the equivalent of 12,000cc of water to see what each boob will look like and it’s beautiful, all anyone will see is my breasts.

“I've fantasied about looking like Dolly Parton for a long time. I love her body and have tried to look like her – now I’ve got much bigger breasts than her.

“I am concerned about my upcoming surgery because I’m opening Pandora's box again but I’d rather die happy with huge breasts than be sad and unhappy."

The mum added: “It’s my body and my decision, plus I’m single so I can do whatever I want and will achieve my dreams no matter what anyone else thinks!”

Sheyla has had two infections which almost ended her life and has attempted suicide twice due to depression.

She had to reduce the size of her implants when she fell pregnant to ensure her daughter survived birth.

Sheyla agreed as there was an increased risk of birth defects and her implants didn’t leave enough room in her torso for the baby to grow.

But, despite choosing to prioritise her child, Sheyla developed post-natal depression and would cry a lot and attempted to end her own life.

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She claims she couldn’t look at herself in the mirror when she had smaller breasts.

She attempted suicide a second time after a skin infection meant her implants had to be removed for a year.

Now, Sheyla is happy with her K-cup boobs but wants to break the Guinness World record using custom-made implants.

The expander implants are inserted into the chest and then saline will be slowly added to them over two years.

The injections will take her to massive OOO-cups and the entire ordeal will set her back £320,000.

Sheyla said: “I will have the biggest boobs in the world, nobody will beat this achievement and it will be the biggest accomplishment of my life.”

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