Mum spends £7k on tattoos in tribute to brother – & has ‘lost count’ of inkings

An Instagram model and mum has explained the reasons why she’s covered in intricate tattoos – and that she’s always ready for more.

Sharai (like Hooray), has over 11,200 Instagram followers on her page @hoorayitssharai, where she often garners attention for her sexy edgy appearance.

The 30-year-old cosmetologist and bartender has detailed black tattoos across her neck, shoulders, stomach and arms – but the reason she got her first inkings is unexpectedly emotional.

Sharai explained to the Daily Star: “My brother passed away when he was 22 and just starting his first sleeve, so I wanted to finish that for him and get a sleeve, and then it became addicting for my own self!

“I now have two sleeves, my neck, chest, stomach, and leg!

“Too many to count!"

She continued: "I’ve spent about $10,000 (around £7,000), and, yes, I always want more – I’m starting my leg sleeve at the moment.”

The stunning blonde started off her tattoo at just 18-years-old with a small star on her upper ear, but now she loves being covered in gorgeous designs.

Sharai noted: “My favourite tattoo is my most recent, and that’s my stomach!

“I covered up a scar from a bad car accident in my past.

“It meant a lot to me to cover it.”

And, when it comes to her Barbie-like look, Sharai hasn’t stopped at body art.

The influencer spent a further $10,000 (around £7,000) having a breast augmentation when he was 19.

Sharai added: “I also do continuous filler in my lips and Botox.

“That varies in price depending on how much you need.”

And, her willingness to alter her appearance with cosmetic treatments has the same beginnings as her love of tattoos.

Sharai explained: “I wouldn’t say I rely on cosmetic procedures, for me I learned at a young age life is so precious so if you want to look a certain way and you’re capable of achieving that why not!?

“I would say the look I go for is 90’s Pamela Anderson with Tommy Lee’s tattoos.”

The mum’s family are all totally behind her edgy Barbie look because she’s following in their footsteps.

Sharai told us: “As far as my family my dad is covered like me and my mother also has sleeves!

“All of family is tattooed. My dad’s good friend does all of them.”

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And, when it comes to Sharai’s dreams they’re all about family and community.

The mum said: “My dream is to be the best influence and mother I can be for my daughter.

"And hopefully to have enough influence where I can help women, animals and my community!”

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