Mum who never punishes four kids gives parenting tips about ‘un-homeschooling’

A mum-of-four who doesn’t punish her kids, lets them pick their own bedtime and eat whatever they want, has shared her parenting tips as Brits prepare to homeschool due to coronavirus.

Dayna Martin, 46, is adamant to only teach her children things they’re interested in and not follow a school’s curriculum.

Now during the COVID-19 pandemic, the parent, from Florida, US, is providing free “emergency kits” for home-education to mums and dads to share her approach to education.

Her four children, Devin, 20, Tiffany, 19, Ivy, 15, and Orion, 12, have never stepped foot in a classroom or taken an exam.

She said: “Home-schooling is an unknown world to lots of people, with lots of misconceptions, so I am excited to help empower parents and give them the confidence to know they can do it.”

The mum continued: “Children are natural learners, but mainstream education makes us believe the only way they’ll succeed is in an institution with trained teachers.

“Now that a lot of parents don’t have a choice, and schools are closing, I think they will surprise themselves with how much they love home-education.

“We all, as humans, have a primitive craving for connection, but there is a lot of separateness in our societies.

“With all that’s going on in the world, we’re going to be forced together with our families, and the outside world will feel much further away.

“Our children will look back at this time of history in the same way adults remember the 9/11 terror attacks – knowing exactly where they were and how they felt – so we need to try and manage that fear and make it as positive as possible.”

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But unlike her kids, Dayna attended mainstream school as a youngster and although she did well academically, she found the rules restricting.

So when she had her eldest Devin, Dayna considered the benefits from letting her children choose for themselves.

Since then, they’ve all been “unschooled”, so instead they get up when they want and choose what they’d like to learn.

Now she’s put together “emergency home-schooling kits” for parents to take charge of their children’s education.

The mum also believes the outbreak may trigger a shift in attitudes around home-schooling, adding: “Life will change for everyone.

“But, self-isolating can have some positives. Those with complicated or difficult family relationships will have no choice but to open up discussions and, hopefully, find a place of peace. People are afraid of the unknown, but this can be a real turning point.”

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