Mystery Machine: Retro caravan’s colour sparks fierce debate

A retro caravan is going viral on social media after the colour of its two-tone exterior sparked vigorous debate.

Melbourne man Spencer Porter bought the 1970s Viscount caravan to renovate and take his family on holidays around Victoria.

But the dad-of-two had no idea the caravan’s colour was already the subject of online debate.

Porter, 21, told his first argument about the colour of the caravan was with his partner when they bought the fixer-upper.

“I said, ‘oh that’s a really nice white and blue caravan’, and then my partner said, ‘no it’s pink and white’, so we had a little argument there,” he said.

“Then we showed the in-laws and they saw something different too, so we quickly realised everyone had a different perspective as to what it was.”

Caravan's 'bizarre' illusion explodes on Tik Tok

Porter said he started a Tik Tok page to document his renovation journey but had no idea the conversation around the caravan’s colour would see the account explode.

The Tik Tok page – RetroViscountReno – has barely been live for two days but the handful of videos have already been viewed collectively around one million times.

More than 11,000 people have also followed the account.

Porter said despite the debate, the previous owner revealed the caravan was in fact white and green – but he realised not everyone’s brains were able to see that.

“It’s just bizarre,” Porter said. “But, at the end of day, the bare-bones colour is white and green.

“[The previous owner] painted the optical illusion by accident because he didn’t like the previous colour. It used to be cream so he wanted to paint it so it would stand out.”

Porter said even he sees various colours, “depending on how the light hits it”.

“Even though I know it’s white and green, I still see white and blue and I haven’t been able to see the pink and white, like my partner did.”

What colour is our Caravan? #fyp #renovation

Porter hopes to have the caravan renovated and ready to be on the road by the end of the year so he can take his family away to Mallacoota, on the east coast of Victoria.

He said he had no plans to paint over the two-tone illusion and was looking forward to the caravan sparking conversation when the family was on the road.

Tik Tok usually starts paying creators after they hit around 100,000 followers and, while Porter still has a while to go to make money out of the account, he said that wasn’t the point.

“It’s really just started as a hobby for people to follow my renovation and it’s more special to me than making money,” he said.

“It’s an ongoing project. We’re going to try and restore it rather than gut it completely because of its retro features and history.”

The caravan’s illusion has drawn debate similar to “The Dress” debacle of 2015, when a photo of the garment was posted online.

Some saw a white and gold dress, while others saw blue and black.

Experts later explained why everyone was seeing different colours – it was due to the way the light hit the dress.

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