Mystery object seen following plane weeks after American Airlines incident

Bizarre footage of what appears to be an unidentified flying object trailing a plane is doing the rounds online.

The video, shared to Reddit by ‘u/xiqz’, shows an aircraft soaring across the blue sky of Bergen County in New Jersey, US, on April 7.

But a white object seems to be trailing behind with no evidence of a contrail that would usually be associated with conventional aircraft.

The sighting bears similarities to the now-infamous American Airlines encounter earlier this year as well as numerous other incidents of apparent UFOs and passenger planes.

Since it was posted on Sunday (April 10), the video has piqued the interest of the conspiracy world.

Popular YouTuber Hidden Underbelly 2.0, who often shares so-called UFO sightings, posted the video to his channel.

“In this video, we can see this pill-shaped object seeming to follow this plane,” he said.

“Now, the witness states that with his eyes he could see nothing – no wings, no fins, no discerning characteristics.”

Viewers have been quick to offer their wide-ranging thoughts on what the object could be.

Some agreed that what they were looking at was a UFO, with one saying: “UFOs like it when people in planes can see them, there are some other videos on YouTube.”

Another wrote: “That is incredible. Really interesting how the UFO doesn't have the contrail! I have no clue what it is!”

But others suggested the object was far more likely to simply be another terrestrial craft.

“Given the lack of any wild maneuvers I'm inclined to say another jet flying at a different altitude where contrails aren't forming,” one sceptic said.

“It's not to crazy an idea given the lead jet's contrail is pretty short lived as well. Just not the right conditions up there for cloud formation in general.”

And someone else added: “Could be a chase plane for the purpose of collecting data.”

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