Nadia Essex admits she gained three stone over Christmas but is determined to shed pounds for son Ezekiel

After dropping three dress sizes by improving her relationship with food following the birth of her son Ezekiel last March, Celebs Go Dating star Nadia Essex has revealed how she feels after gaining the weight back.

Speaking openly in an interview exclusively for OK! VIP members, Nadia said she gained three stone after binge eating on chocolates and Pringles over the Christmas period. The 39 year old mum-of-one confessed she's a serial yo-yo dieter as she's never been able to keep the weight off, but is determined to shed the pounds once more in order to give her one year old the "best mum he deserves".

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Nadia ended 2020 on a high note, having just finished MuscleFood's Weight Loss Plan, Goal Getters and dropping from 10 to 9 stone. However, being in lockdown for a third time and having all the sweets and delicious treats in front of her during the festive period caused her to binge.

"I'm so annoyed with myself that all the hard work I did to lose the weight, I not only put it back on because I just binged – I put on more. I'm so annoyed with myself," she told OK!.

The reality star said it wasn't just weight but specifically baby weight as well, which she believes is "much more difficult" to lose.

Nadia, who recently admitted she's worried about her little boy's development after he burst out crying at the sight of his uncle, said: "Baby weight is so much more difficult to lose.

"I yo-yo dieted pretty much my whole life. I've always put on weight and lost weight and put on weight and lost weight. I've never really maintained. I'm a yo-yo dieter unfortunately."

Now, however, the TV personality said she's ready to put in the hard work to make sure she loses weight and keeps it off for good, as it not only poses further risks to her health amid the coronavirus pandemic but also affects her ability to enjoy parenting.


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She continued: "But this time around, it's been pretty horrific in terms of the yo-yo. So I am currently counting calories and trying to eat better because if I don't get a handle on it… I mean I went up to morbidly obese.

"Without Covid, morbidly obese comes with it's own issues. But with Covid, that puts me in a very high risk category.

"I need to lose the excess weight I put on over Christmas, that is the goal. Just to get back to where I was when I finished my diet plan because I felt great."

Last year, Nadia said she was around 9 stone and a comfortable size 12 to 14 but added: "I went up over Christmas to a size 18."

Speaking on her health in relation to her son Ezekiel, she went on: "This time around I'm determined to lose it and determined to keep it off because I really want to be as healthy as I can be.

"I want to be able to run around the playground with my child and not be out of breath. I want to be there for him.

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"If I'm not extremely healthy from the inside out, I'm going to have all sorts of health issues and I can't give him the best mum that he deserves."

She added: "So I'm really trying to be motivated."

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