Netflix Reveals New Trailer for 'League of Legends' Based Animated Series 'Arcane'

Arcane, Riot Games‘ first animated show based on League of Legends teases fans with a new trailer on the last day of Netflix Geeked Week.

Set in the cyberpunk utopia of Piltover and its twin city Zaun, a lawless underground dystopia, this series will explore the lives and origin stories of some of League of Legends‘ most beloved champions. The trailer features the gun-toting character Jinx, a goofy criminal from Zaun with a love for explosives. As fans may know, she is the sister of Piltover’s top cop, Vi. The two have a complicated sibling rivalry which will be a focal point of this series.

The latest clip brings us to a dilapidated building that serves as an old training ground. We see Jinx casually walking in to restore the old punching setup. As the training machine whirs to life, Jinx explodes into an emotional frenzy filled with flashbacks of troubled moments with her sister. As she snaps out of her rage, she looks up only to see she scored second behind Vi on the leaderboard.

Premiering this fall, stay tuned for more trailers from Riot and Netflix in the coming months.

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