New 'Dynasty Warriors' Live-Action Film Trailer Showcases Attacks of Characters

Ahead of the official release of the long-awaited Dynasty Warriors live-action film, KOEI Tecmo Games and production company China 3D have released a new trailer.

Centered around a battle between Liu Bei’s army and Lu Bu, the new promo clip showcases the attacks of characters. Based on the long-spanning video game series that draws from Luo Guanzhong’s classic The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the latest look at the film reveals accurate replication of the action featured in the beloved hack-and-slash title. Originally released back in 1997, KOEI Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors has gone on to spawn nine sequels with 2018’s Dynasty Warriors 9 being the latest installment.

The live-action Dynasty Warriors film will premiere in Hong Kong April 29 with a follow-up release in Mainland China April 30.

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