Nurse transforms acne-riddled skin with $45 vitamin supplement

Nurse, 24, who battled chronic acne and redness for 12 YEARS transforms her skin in weeks with a $45 vitamin supplement – and she’s not alone

  • Brittany Hodder, 24, developed severe issues with her skin at the age of 12
  • The Queensland nurse suffered from acne, redness and extreme sensitivity
  • She tried countless products and treatments but found nothing to help
  • After weeks of taking JSHealth supplements, her complexion started to clear
  • She says the $45 tablets also strengthened her hair and improved her digestion 

A healthcare worker who spent 12 years and thousands of dollars on treatments to cure her acne has transformed her skin in weeks with a $45 supplement from one of Australia’s leading health food labels.

Brittany Hodder, 24, developed severe issues with her skin at the age of 12.

The enrolled nurse from Townsville, northeastern Queensland, suffered from painful cysts, redness, oiliness and extreme sensitivity, but dermatologists could never determine the cause of her problems.

Desperate to achieve a clear complexion, Ms Hodder paid for expensive sessions of microdermabrasion and laser therapy and invested in best-selling skincare products, but nothing made the slightest difference.

‘At times I gave up because there was nothing that helped,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.

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Queensland nurse Brittany Hodder before (left) and weeks after (right) starting a course of $45 JSHealth Skin + Digestion tablets

But in early June, just weeks after she started taking JSHealth Skin + Digestion tablets, Ms Hodder saw a huge improvement.

‘I noticed that my skin wasn’t as oily anymore and felt smoother,’ she said.

Developed by Sydney nutritionist Jessica Sepel, the Skin + Digestion tablets are laced with zinc and vitamins B2 and C which have been proven to relieve inflammation and reduce the severity of pimples over time.

This cocktail of minerals also speeds up cell and tissue repair, collagen production and wound healing, which allows skin to recover faster from breakouts and reduces the risk of infection around spots. 

The tablets are available from the JSHealth Vitamins website along with a range of other supplements that claim to strengthen hair, eliminate bloating and ease anxiety.  

Ms Hodder is proof of its efficacy, with friends remarking that she skin looks clearer and less inflamed than it has in years.

She said the tablets which she takes twice a day have also strengthened her hair and improved her digestion and given her the clearest complexion she’s had in her adult life. 

‘I’ve had so many compliments about my skin lately. So many people have commented that I don’t have redness anymore, and how healthy and beautiful my skin is looking,’ she said.

Ms Hodder said the vitamins have given her ‘a confidence boost I’ve never had before’ and is ‘honestly amazed’ by the rapid results after so many years of trial and error.

And she’s not the only woman attesting to the power of the supplements.

JSHealth customer Rose, who took sent the brand these progress photos to show how its supplements had changed her skin 

Customer Jo, who saw this incredible change in her complexion just three weeks after she started taking the zinc and vitamin B laced tablets

Last month, another first-time customer who gave her name as Rose sent a direct message to JSHealth’s Instagram account to prove how quickly the tablets had altered her spot-prone skin. 

‘I wasn’t expecting such a dramatic and noticeable change but I’m someone who likes to monitor my progress and I was amazed to see how my skin turned out,’ she said.

‘I’m so glad I found your brand. It has helped significantly with my combination acne and eczema-prone skin.’

Customer Jo agreed, saying the supplement has given her ‘clear, smooth and glowing’ skin for the first time ever. 

Instructions on the brand’s website advise taking one tablet with breakfast and another with lunch. It cautions against taking them at night as the ingredients can disrupt sleep. 

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