Ohio city council approves taxpayer funded program to pay people $100 to get COVID-19 vaccine

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Columbus, Ohio is using tax dollars to pay people $100 each for getting the COVID-19 vaccine after city leaders approved a program Monday to give payouts in an effort to boost vaccination rates. 

The Columbus City Council unanimously approved the "Vaccine Green" program during its Monday night meeting, which will pay residents $50 per dose if they get the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines moving forward. Those who opt to get the single Johnson & Johnson shot will get the full amount as well, FOX affiliate WTTE-TV reported. 

"So, what we’re trying to do is offer folks $100 to get their vaccine so we can take any barrier they might have out of the picture," City Council President Pro Tem Elizabeth Brown said. "The fact of the matter is life and finances very much gets in the way for a lot of workers across Columbus."

The city has set aside $275,000 that's coming from the pockets of taxpayers for the program, meaning 2,750 residents are eligible. Residents will need to register through the Columbus Urban League to receive their payment.


The city's health department, Columbus Public Health, will also send mobile units into low-income areas to spur vaccination efforts, Brown said. 

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