Ondrej Zunka and Lexus Head Into the Future With Virtual Interiors for the LF-Z Electrified

Lexus recently offered the world a look into the not-so-distant future of car design with the wave-making release of the LF-Z Electrified, the first Lexus class of its kind to be built on an all-electric platform. Affirming its place as an influential change maker in luxury vehicles, the company unveiled not just the concept car, but a completely new chapter for the brand marked by an unwavering dedication to marrying the values and lifestyles of modern consumers with a forward-thinking approach.

In catalyzing a global conversation around the changing landscape, Lexus invited unexpected creative minds to offer their own take on virtual interiors for the car. Artist Ondrej Zunka, whose digital works match the Lexus ethos of embracing technology for the ultimate user experience, offered his experimental take on transforming the interior of the Lexus LF-Z Electrified.

The design is not restricted by a present-day conception of what a car should look like or what should it display. The UI panel is covered in glyphs representing a futuristic intelligence.

Through creating imaginative forms of art that aren’t bound to reality, Ondrej Zunka devised a tech-driven interior that suggests it was crafted by a futuristic form of intelligence. Forgoing traditional notions of car design and transporting the Lexus LF-Z Electrified further into the future, Ondrej Zunka’s concept car features space-age mechanisms, sci-fi materials and multidimensional hues that transcend both time and space. “This interior design is purely speculative so I allowed for free associations and pure imagination and creativity,” says Zunka. “I wanted to make the interior feel as if it wasn’t made by humans, but maybe designed by a sophisticated artificial intelligence. I wanted to go past any known language and design concepts and forget about what is usually used in car interior design.”

A silicon-like material is used for the seats and some other parts of the car. It’s an intelligent material that wraps and conforms around the passenger’s body to create a soft grip. It creates a bespoke fit for any body so the seat is super comfortable and safe at the same time.

The resulting culmination is a supercharged vehicle that comes equipped with memory-foam seat cushions crafted from translucent silicon, a glossy reflective ceiling made from brushed chrome and a series of alphabetical glyphs for use on the UI panel. Placing emphasis on the connection between the driver and the vehicle — something Lexus has mastered — Ondrej Zunka’s transformation of the interiors demonstrate how the future of driving can be reimagined.

When the car is in downtime, the glyphs appear on the interior panels for a unique design experience. It could be imagined that the user has an app of some sort that allows them to sketch and upload any sort of imagery that then gets projected on the sides of the car.

Ondrej Zunka’s Lexus LF-Z Electrified interiors concept is part of a series from different creatives in the fashion and art space. Check out Salehe Bembury’s take and stay tuned to HYPEBEAST to see how Japanese label Hender Scheme envisions the future of car design. Head to the Lexus website to learn more about the LF-Z Electrified.
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