OnlyFans model receives £5k from sugar daddy who wanted to pay for her spit

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A model has explained how she's earned a living through her saucy content on OnlyFans.

Victoria Lit, from the US, takes home $20,000 (around £17,000) a month from the adults-only platform and sugar daddies.

She loves shooting saucy content for the lads as she's always wanted to be a porn star in some way.

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Now the 25-year-old has opened up about how a sugar daddy offered her a huge sum of money for one unusual kink.

Speaking to Daily Star, Victoria told how her life has completely changed since investing time into OnlyFans.

She said: "So, the guy who offered me money for my spit was my first ever sugar daddy!"

Victoria said how he would often spoil her with extravagant gifts and in exchange, he would want things from her.

She added: "Believe it or not, I never had to have sex with him, because he was long-distance.

"But he wanted other things, like used panties that he would use to satisfy his needs.

"The things he wanted kept progressing from panties to other articles of clothing.

"He wanted me to wear them and sweat in the gym."

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But Victoria was once asked for her spit so he could use it on Facebook.

She admitted: "He was offering around £5,000 and for that money, I couldn't say no!

"Plus, he was in love with me so he would have paid anything I asked. I'll always remember him.

"The 'Milk Man' who paid me to watch him pour milk on himself was obsessed with telling me I had 'mummy milkers'.

"He wanted to imagine me being pregnant so he could pretend to breastfeed."

The fella wanted Victoria to fulfil one of his fantasies so she suggested he drank milk from a bottle to imagine he was breastfeeding.

While the content creator is earning money through OnlyFans, she dreams of becoming a pilates instructor one day.

She concluded: "It's actually a lot of fun for me to satisfy others' needs. I also love filming booty scenes.

"My life has completely changed with OnlyFans and I'm finally living the life I feel like I deserve.

"Some people may think my job is easy but I'd like to see them try and then tell me it's easy."

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