Paralympics goalball schedule: Matches and start times

Goalball, one of the most unique and exciting Paralympic events, gets underway on 25 August at the Makuhari Messe convention centre in Tokyo.

A three-a-side team sport for blind and partially-sighted athletes, it’s played on an indoor court with a netted goal at either end, with teams scoring points by bowling a ball into the opposition’s goal.

Participants all wear eye-shades to ensure fairness and playing using their other senses, with the ball containing internal bells and the court’s lines capable of being felt by players. Matches consist of two 12-minute halves, with each squad containing six players.

The sport was first introduced at the 1976 Toronto Paralympics with the United States have enjoyed the most success, winning 12 medals overall. However, the men’s team were defeated in the final at the 2016 games by Lithuania, while Turkey took gold in the women’s event in Rio.

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Preliminary rounds will be held on a round-robin basis with teams then advancing to the knockout rounds to determine the medal winners.

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Full goalball schedule

All times UK

Thursday 26 August


1am Belgium vs China

5.15am US vs Brazil

9.30am Ukraine vs Germany

11am Lithuania vs Algeria


2.30am China vs RPC

6.45am Egypt vs Turkey

12.30pm Canada vs Israel

Friday 27 August


1am Turkey vs Belgium

3.15am Japan vs US

9.30am China vs Ukraine

12.30pm Brazil vs Algeria


2.30am Japan vs Brazil

6.45am Australia vs China

11am US vs Egypt

Saturday 28 August


2.30am Turkey vs China

6.45am Lithuania vs Japan

11am Germany vs Belgium


1am Canada vs Australia

5.15am Japan vs US

9.30am RPC vs Israel

12.30pm Turkey vs Brazil

Sunday 29 August


1am Japan vs Brazil

5.15am Ukraine vs Belgium

9.30am Algeria vs US


2.30am Egypt vs Japan

6.45am Israel vs China

11am Australia vs RPC

Monday 30 August


1am Ukraine vs Turkey

5.15am US vs Lithuania

9.30am China vs Germany


2.30am Brazil vs Egypt

6.45am China vs Canada

11am US vs Turkey

Tuesday 31 August

Men’s quarter-finals: 5.15am, 7am, 9.45am & 11.30am

Wednesday 1 September

Women’s quarter-finals: 5.15am, 7am, 9.45am & 11.30am

Thursday 2 September

5.15am Men’s semi-final

7am Women’s semi-final

9.45am Men’s semi-final

11.30am Women’s semi-final

Friday 3 September

5.15am Women’s bronze medal match

7am Men’s bronze medal match

9.45am Women’s gold medal match

11.30am Men’s gold medal match

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