Pet owners are obsessed with the Groomi tool that reduces shedding by up to 95%

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If you have a pet (reptile and sphynx cat owners aside) you’ll know the struggle of shedding season.

As the weather gets warmer their coats start to loosen, then before you know it there’s more fur on your sofa than the animal.

Lint rollers and double-sided tape can help keep clothes from ending up like a makeshift yeti costume, but they also only take you so far. To truly de-fuzz your home, you’ll need to go to the source of the problem.

While there are tons of brushes and combs out there designed to de-shed, the Groomi is fast becoming a favourite among pet owners – and the results explain why.

The £24.99 tool makes light work of matting and dander for cats, dogs, horses and more, including long-haired breeds and those with a stubborn undercoat.

A proprietary wave pattern comb features shallow, wide-set teeth that grab strands without cutting guard hairs or irritating your pet. Simply swipe over their fur like you would with a standard brush, then watch the magic unfold.

On the brand’s TikTok, demonstration videos show animals getting the Groomi treatment. The transformation is incredible, even in double-coated dogs (including Alaskan Malamutes and pugs) that are known to have stubborn fur.

Piles of hair – enough to make a whole new pet – come off after just a few swipes, and Groomi claims the tool can reduce shedding by up to 95%.

Replying to @Jodie Heard thank you Jodie! We love a malamute! This is Isla 🥰🐶🙌 #malamute #alaskanmalamute #dog #dogsoftiktok #doglover #doggo #dogsofinstagram #dogslove

Groomi’s videos have garnered over 389,000 likes on the social media platform, with animal lovers hailing the product as a ‘game-changer.’

‘I have two huskies and it’s the best thing we ever did ordering the Groomi, highly recommended,’ said one reviewer, while another wrote: ‘Mine arrived today and I’m shocked at how amazing it is! My boy’s coat has never felt so good.’

Groomi – The Ultimate Groomi-ing Tool for Cats

A third customer said: ‘I’ve used it twice now on my Labrador and my life is transformed. I no longer come downstairs to a blanket of fur every morning…

‘I honestly didn’t anticipate it would be as fabulous as it is and I can’t sing its praises highly enough.’

I reckon we can beat it this year though! 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️🦄 #horse #horses #horseriding #horsesoftiktok #horsesontiktok #myhorse

In fact, the results proved so astonishing that some couldn’t believe their eyes.

TikTokers questioned whether the comb featured a cutting blade, forcing the UK-based company’s founder to use on her own hair in response.

As she confirmed, the Groomi doesn’t have a blade or cutting edge and won’t damage the animal’s coat. The comb section can be replaced, though, as it becomes dull over time.

With thousands of five-star reviews and an average rating of 4.3 out of five on Amazon, it clearly works well.

So if you’re tired of vacuuming up piles of fur and having all your black outfits spoiled by pet fur, it might be worth giving the Groomi a go.

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