Phil Schofield talks Holly Willoughby ‘feud’ and ‘toxic’ This Morning set claims

Phillip Schofield has addressed claims that his relationship with co-host Holly Willoughby had become "strained" after rumours surfaced to suggest there appeared to be a "toxic" environment on set.

When allegations first emerged the This Morning host, 58, was quick to slam reports, stipulating that the former Celebrity Juice team captain and he couldn't have been closer at the time.

Prior to Philip coming out as gay, he had actually confided in Holly, trusting her entirely with his huge secret that he just couldn't comprehend how his "tight knit" team on the day time favourite could have come under fire.

He explained how the statements had almost "rocked" his career, when that was the one thing he was firmly clutching onto with his family struggles and his confession niggling away in the background too.

Speaking on Chris Evans' How to Wow podcast, he said: "It's constantly reported, Holly and Phillip leaving This Morning…no matter how many times we say, there are absolutely no plans to leave This Morning.

"There are literally no plans for me to leave This Morning, I adore that show."

Addressing the supposed "tension" in the ITV studio, the TV legend wanted to set the record straight once and for all.

He explained: "There was nothing that was being said that had any truth in it whatsoever.

"There was no and there has never been a feud with Holly.

"When they're writing 'Phillip and Holly and feud' we couldn't have been closer because I'd told her my secret and she was holding me together at work."

Phillip delved into what life is really like behind the scenes, revealing his contrary view.

The presenter added: "The fact there was a toxic atmosphere in This Morning, there has never been anything like that, everyone is equal, we all love each other, they were worried about me, we all talk about each other's families and their lives, it's a tight-knit team.

Touching on some of the comments about what he's like to work with, the ITV icon elaborated: "If I was an a***hole I don't think I’d have got what I've got.

"And for people to say 'he's shocking to work with', I didn’t recognise this man, how could this be true, how could this happen?

"The one solid thing I had under my feet was my security rug of my job. When that was pulled out from underneath me, that was a shocker…"

This Morning continues tomorrow at 10am on ITV.

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