Photo series captures one last coke-fuelled underground party before lockdown

We’ve only been in lockdown for a couple of weeks, but already the things we used to do before coronavirus feel like a strange and distant memory.

Remember getting on a packed train every morning? Going to the pub? Shaking hands and chatting without a two metre distance?

What about actually leaving the house to get sloshed and party with strangers? That feels like a very foreign concept.

Photographer David Tesinsky has captured scenes of an underground party that happened just before lockdown measures came into place, so we can take a look back at life before coronavirus.

David, from Prague but living in Victoria, Canada, was invited to a secret party ‘randomly by a local guy’.

He took along his camera and snapped photos of partygoers, who danced hard, hooked up against graffitied walls, and snorted cocaine off tables.

‘It was quit wild to see 18-year-old people partying hard, doing coke with all the smoke inside,’ David tells ‘I felt like I was in a nineties movie.’

The party happened in the midst of the pandemic but before lockdown began. The 70 or so attendees weren’t too concerned about coronavirus, with David saying that most of the guests thought the disease would stay in Europe and Asia.

Free of worries and panic, everyone was able to let loose – and were pleased to see David there, documenting every moment.

‘People were posing, wanted me to photograph them with their friends, giving me contacts to send them a picture later,’ said David. ‘It was like one big community. Everything was possible.’

Things wrapped up at 7am.

The squad planned to organise another underground party once all the bars closed due to lockdown, but quickly realised that wouldn’t be a wise idea.

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