Pickled Garlic Is Sold Out In Grocery Stores Everywhere Thanks to That Viral TikTok But You Can Still Get Some on Amazon

TikTok food trends make up, like, at least half of our diet these days. TikTok is where we learned how to make our beloved Dalgona coffee; it’s where we discovered the wrap hack that makes breakfast so easy and delicious; and it even showed us a new way to eat instant ramen, something we’ve been devouring a few packets of a week since we were kids. But our latest obsession is one we haven’t been able to try just yet – a simple, spicy pickled garlic snack that is so good, its creator just eats it with a spoon. If you’ve watched the video, you’re probably also wondering where to buy pickled garlic. We haven’t been able to find it anywhere in grocery stores since the original TikTok went viral (it has more than 3 million likes!), but it looks like Amazon is here to save the day once again.

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