Please Don’t Let Eddie Die On ‘Million Little Things’

Spoilers ahead for the Season 2 finale of A Million Little Things. Just when everything was looking up for Eddie and Katherine, Eddie got hit by a car on A Million Little Things. The moment was completely shocking, because fans had believed that Eddie was out of the woods having just turned down a drink in a dark moment. He called Katherine, was on his way to do their vow renewal, and then bam! Car crash.

Gary basically foreshadowed something like this happening, when he told Maggie at the airport, "I can’t lose another friend." He was talking about Maggie, but now he could lose Eddie instead. A pedestrian getting hit by a car is a pretty serious thing. The car did seem to be trying to slow down when it hit Eddie, based on the tires screeching, but was it enough to save Eddie’s life? Fans will have to wait until a possible next season to find out.

The show hasn’t been renewed for Season 3 yet. But with a cliffhanger like that, fans are going to be clamoring for ABC to bring it back. It’s already looking good, because creator DJ Nash said that he’d originally filmed an addition scene to leave things on a conclusive note if ABC cancelled the show. Eddie getting hit by a car on the way to his wedding is pretty far from conclusive.

Nash has never promised to make things easy on his characters. Far from it. He prefers putting them through life’s real tests and seeing if they can come out on the other side. Gary’s been through it with his breakup, Rome and Regina’s adoption just fell through, and now it’s Eddie and Katherine’s turn to deal with some real life drama. (Again, because they’d already been through a lot with the whole Eddie cheating situation.)

In an interview with TV Guide, Nash explained that he wanted to break Eddie and Katherine out of the happy spot they were in. "When Eddie told Katherine, ‘I’m in a good place, I can handle this,’ by design, he meant it, and he was," Nash said. "Now, we are making it so he’s not going to be in a good place … Fans of our show, I’ve heard them say like, ‘Oh, Eddie and Katherine are in such a good place. It’s not as exciting.’ It’s about to get exciting."

The show had already been exploring a storyline about teenage Eddie’s friend Alex who drowned in an accident for which Eddie may have been responsible. To make things even more "exciting" (if that’s the word Nash wants to use), now Eddie’s been involved in a car accident just when he’d pulled his life back from the brink of disaster. It would be pretty cruel if he died, both to the friend group and to us as fans. More likely he’ll just be pretty severely injured so that the character can stay on the show. But, hey, you never know with A Million Little Things. No one is completely safe. Good thing we only have months and months between now and us hopefully learning Eddie’s fate. Let the speculation begin.

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