Poodle coiffed with a grey mane is the canine twin of Brian May

A hair of a resemblance! Poodle with an impressive grey mane looks just like Queen guitarist Brian May

  • Onyx, two, from Lakeland, Florida, looks just like Brian May with his grey mane 
  • Owner Rose Haley, 23, said people often point out resemblance to rock legend 
  • A real Queen fan, Onyx not only looks like May, he also loves all his songs 

This poodle is a dead ringer for Queen star Brian May – and even loves the band’s music.

Standard poodle Onyx, two, from Lakeland, Florida, boasts a huge curly grey bouffant that bears a striking resemblance to the musician’s iconic do.

The service pooch’s rock star looks are the talk of the town wherever he goes and even strangers say he is Brian’s ‘twin’.

Onyx’s owner Rose Haley, 23, first noticed her pup was the double of Queen’s lead guitarist when he was around seven-months-old.

And it seems Onyx and Brian don’t just look alike but even have the same taste in music – because the dog loves it when Queen fan Rose plays him the rock group’s hits.

Standard poodle Onyx, two, from Lakeland, Florida, boasts a huge curly grey bouffant that bears a striking resemblance to Brian May’s beloved hairdo

The rock legend, pictured in 13 March 2019, has been rocking a curly mane since the early days of Queen

Rose said: ‘It’s definitely Onyx’s hair that reminds me the most of Brian May. They have the same signature hairdo.

‘A lot of people agree that Onyx looks like Brian May. I get so many comments on his hair, a lot of people have said they’re twins.

‘My roommate says he’s Brian May in another life. He even gives off that rock star vibe.

‘I am a fan of Queen. Who isn’t? Freddie Mercury was an amazing vocalist and the musicians that backed him like Brian May are incredibly talented.

Onyx not only looks like Brian May, he shares the rocker’s taste in music and loves to listen to Queen

The standard poodle playing with tennis balls. His owner Rose Haley, 23, said the pooch had a big personality 

‘I played Onyx Queen’s music a lot when we first noticed the resemblance. He’s a fan too.

‘If Brian May ever saw Onyx, I hope he would think he’s a cool dude just like himself.’

Onyx doesn’t just look like a rock star, he is also a superstar when it comes to keeping his owner safe. 

Doting owner Rose said she started to notice the facgt Onyx looked like Brian May when the pup hit seven months 

Good boy Onyx is a trained medical alert dog for owner Rose, who suffers from hemiplegic migraines   

Rose said Onyx’s generous hair was often the center of attention when Rose and him headed out 

The poodle is a trained medical alert dog for Rose who suffers from hemiplegic migraines, which cause temporary loss of function in one side of her body. 

As well as looking after his human, Onyx loves playing fetch, doing ‘zoomies’ around the house, cuddles and spending time with Rose’s seven-year-old pitbull Oliver.

Rose said: ‘Onyx is the happiest dog I’ve ever met. He has so much enthusiasm for life and just wants to share his happiness with everyone. 

Rose said that Onyx was a lovely dog to be aroung thanks to his ‘huge’ playful and goofy personality 

Rose said Onyx is the best dog she could have asked for, because he was always there to make her smile 

Onyx is full on life and enthusiasm, Rose said, adding words could not describe ho special the pooch was to her 

‘His personality is so huge and he’s super goofy. He’s just overall a great dog to be around. 

‘He’s my service dog and he absolutely loves to do his job. He tends to throw himself little parties after he gives a medical alert or brings me things.

‘Words cannot express how special he is to me and how grateful I am to have him.

‘Between having him as my service dog who keeps me safe every day and just having him there to make me smile, he’s the best dog I could ask for.’

Onyx with his pal Oliver, seven, who is Rose’s other dog. The pair like to relax and play together in the garden

Rose said her helpful service dog like to ‘throw party for himself’ after giving a medical alert or bringing her things 

Even strangers cannot ehlp commenting on how much poodle Onyx looks like the Queen lead guitarist

Onyx and his mane, posing next to a picture of his idol, Queen’s Brian May.Rose said May would be able to see how cool Onyx was if they ever met 

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