‘Possessed’ woman’s mum got ‘covered in boils’ when she prayed before exorcism

A possessed woman who says her mother came out in boils and suffered pains when she prayed had multiple terrifying exorcisms to remove the "demons".

Shrieks and hissing sounds took place during a horrific exorcism in a Margate hotel room where unexplained voices shouted back “you’ll never get me out of here”.

Pastor Vincent, an exorcist based in the town in Kent, said that the woman and her mum had both been suffering from “counter-attacking” evil spirits that came out when she prayed.

“Sunita”, who chose not to give her real name, said that when she prayed her mum came out in boils, suffered pains and had burn marks emerge on her clothing.

The horror left Sunita suicidal and she went to Pastor Vincent for help. He believed the cause was remote witchcraft from Africa.

“She lives with her mother and they both really suffer, she was delivered from some evil spirits the last session by the Holy Spirit did confirm to me that the problem goes even deeper,” he told BBC Radio 4 podcast So You Want to be an Exorcist.

The next exorcism took place in the Margate hotel where Vincent began putting his hands on her head.

“Bring it up, bring it up,” he cried. “I command all evil spirits to go to the pit. Get up in Jesus’ name.”

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She shrieked and grunted and then made a hissing noise.

The pastor said: “Get out you snake” as she twisted in her chair and started laughing.

She said: “You’ll never get me out of here.”

In what seemed like a battle between the pastor and the evil spirit he said: “Go to the pit” and she replied: “No I am stronger.”

“I cast you out in Jesus’ name,” he said finally during the two hour long session.

Afterwards, Sunita said that she had tried conventional psychotherapy but that the exorcisms were the answer. She said she was quite a practical person but needed help after strange things began to take place.

“Things happened in the house like the TV going on and off, lights going off and on, the taps running, liquids in the house and not knowing where they have come from,” she said. “Starting to pray and family members manifesting.”

She remained convinced demons exist, adding: “Yes because I can see myself acting out of character.”

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