Spicy slow cooker roast chicken recipe makes at-home Nando’s dinner for £2.80

Love a roast, but hate the time you have to dedicate to making one?

It's definitely a struggle right now – as parents are juggling working from home with childcare and home schooling.

But thankfully, a Facebook foodie has got us covered with her delicious slow cooker chicken recipe.

And, it’s not just suitable for a roast…

This recipe is so well seasoned it could make a great replacement for Nando’s while the restaurant is shut.

The Australian newlywed posted some mouthwatering snaps of her spicy, slow cooker chicken in the popular Facebook group Slow Cooking UK.

She captioned the post: “First time making a roast-style whole chicken in my multi-purpose slow cooker.

“I was so impressed, and cooked it on high for four hours – I was surprised at how juicy it was!”

In the photos, the cook’s chicken had an impressive, golden crispy skin and was served simply with cauliflower and broccoli.

When asked for the recipe, she happily obliged.

She said: “I’m a spicy eater and love my herbs and spices (as you can see).

“For this one, I used cayenne pepper, hot chilli powder, garlic and onion powder, cajun seasoning, turmeric powder and some of my Indian curry powder.”

The foodie sprinkled a good amount of each spice over the chicken skin until it was covered.

We would recommend heavily salting the bird an hour before cooking, as salt breaks down the proteins in the meat and will make it perfectly moist.

Just before cooking, brush off most of the salt and then add the herbs and spices.

Be careful with tumeric as it can stain clothing, surfaces and nails yellow.

The Aussie woman added: “Make a donut shaped tin foil ring and place it in the cooker first, to avoid the chicken touching the base, then cook on high for four hours."

Members of the Facebook group were impressed.

One commented: “Cool! Yum Yum.”

Another said the dish looked “lovely.”

A third wrote: “I’ve also just started doing chicken in my slow cooker, love it!”

The original poster added that the method was easy and there was less cleaning up afterwards.

Plus, if you have a healthy spice cupboard, the dish will only cost you the price of a chicken.

That's about £2.80 at Sainsbury's.

You can emit any of he spices you don’t like, but try swapping out the curry powder for peri-peri and serving with chips and peas, or rice and broccoli, for a tasty Nando’s-style treat.

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Unless you're a big family, you could stretch the chicken across several meals.

Why not try a roast for dinner, coronation chicken wraps for lunch and a spicy chicken pot pie the next day?

It will sure cut down on non-essential social contact!

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