Spoilers: Toadie stages intervention to save drug addict Shane in Neighbours

Shane’s world is rapidly unravelling due to his spiral into drug abuse in Neighbours and his marriage could be the next thing to fall apart. Can anyone save him from himself?

Roxy (Zima Anderson) was the one to discover Shane’s (Nick Coghlan) drug use when she found a stash of drugs while cleaning the bathroom. So far she’s managed to keep his terrible secret, but is she doing the wrong thing by keeping quiet?

After her discovery, Shane vows to come off the drugs and he attempts to go cold turkey, but the withdrawal he suffers is so bad it leaves him in an even worse place than before.

Roxy is forced to keep his secret, but she’s putting his life in danger and it’s too big a secret for her to handle alone. Although she comes close to finding out, Dipi (Sharon Johal) still has no idea what her husband is going through. All she knows is he’s not behaving like himself and there seems to be something up that piques her concern. With their 20th wedding anniversary fast approaching, Pierce (Tim Robards) suggests Dipi plans a romantic dinner for Shane. But Shane is up to his usual tricks and doesn’t turn up.

Dipi is annoyed and concerned all in one, so she goes into investigator mode – and successfully tracks him down. She finds him alone on a street in West Waratah and gears herself for an almighty confrontation. Why is he even there?

But she misses her opportunity to face off with him about his lies and she knows she can’t give up trying to find out the truth about what’s going on. She tries to use some other supersleuthing methods to catch him out, but finds herself getting nowhere.

Exasperated, she breaks down in tears over fears for her marriage, and Roxy sees this. Enough is enough, Roxy is spurred into action and she decides it’s up to her to confront Shane. But she is not prepared for what she gets for her troubles.

An out of control Shane absolutely loses it, leaving Roxy frightened and deeply hurt when he begins verbally abusing her. Kyle is horrified and filled with rage when he walks in on the abuse, and after giving Shane a serve leaving him a wreck at his own behaviour, Kyle goes straight to Dipi to reveal the awful thing Shane has done.

Shane is ashamed of himself and shocked at what he’s capable of. Dipi and Toadie decide there’s only one thing for it – it’s time to stage an intervention to confront him with the kind of man he’s become. But they don’t know the half of it – Shane comes up with an idea that he thinks will help, but little do they know he’s just lying to cover the fact he is hooked on drugs. Is Shane well on his way to rock bottom?

Scenes air from Monday August 31 on Channel 5.

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