Stacey Solomon having a nightmare week as son is rushed back to hospital

On Thursday night, Stacey Solomon’s two-year-old son, Rex, was taken back to hospital just 48 hours after being allowed to go home.

On Monday, the star’s son Rex, was rushed to hospital after a nasty fall in the garden of their family home.

But last night (Thursday), Stacey revealed she had taken her son back to the hospital due to his temperature being high.

At 10:50pm, the mum-of-three took to Instagram to share an update with her fans and followers.

“Aw guys… we are back in triage because Rex's temperature has been spiking tonight.

“They’re sure it’s ok but because he’s little and post op they won’t take any risks, so it looks like we are in for the long haul tonight.”

Looking exhausted with just one fake eyelash left on, and her poorly boy in her arms, the mum-to-be opened up about how she’s been coping:

“It’s been the longest, most emotional week.

“I honestly don’t know how I’ve even got one eyelash still on.” She joked to her fans and followers.

Staying overnight at the hospital on Monday, Stacey and her son Rex waited until the following morning until he could have stitches on his top lip following the fall.

The fall came after the family were relaxing in the garden and the two-year-old fell over.

On her Instagram stories, Stacey revealed:

"We had a nightmare yesterday. Rex fell over in the garden and we were like, 'Up you get,' and then we looked and it was not an up you get situation.

The two-year-old needed stitches on Tuesday following his fall.

On Instagram she explained how her son had hurt his lip and needed butterfly stitches as glue wouldn’t work due to the placement of the injury.

After her son’s procedure, Stacey thanked the NHS with a heartfelt message:

“Thank you for your lovely kind messages… thank you to everyone here at @bhrut_nhs from giving birth here to fixing the pickles your staff and everyone who works so hard in your trust have always been so amazing.

“And I know first hand how busy and hard worked you all are. So grateful to our NHS always and forever… Thank you for all that you do. You're so incredible. And we are so lucky to have you.”

During the day on Thursday, Stacey shared images of Rex on her Instagram stories – he appeared to be happy and well as he played and painted with his mum.

The two-year-old seemed to recover quickly from his procedure, but then on Thursday he needed to go back to the hospital.

This morning (Friday), Stacey posted an update on Instagram.

The photo was timestamped 2:22am and said:

“Good morning….

“We ended up back where we left on Tuesday. Everything is ok and stable…”

“It’s been a really long night, and a long week and I’m just so grateful for the NHS care and kindness… so grateful that pickle is ok….”

She then thanked her fans and followers again, explaining how the messages of support were “like a cuddle I really needed at 3am”

“I’m going to try so hard to look after us all today. Rex, baby and me and get us home and safe as soon as possible. Love you all lots.”

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