Stephen Colbert Strips To Underwear And Boozes It Up For Trump Takedown

Stephen Colbert is going stir crazy like the rest of us staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic. And in his case, that’s a good thing.

“The Late Show” host on Tuesday said a survey showed that viewers prefer he not wear a suit for home editions of the show, so he agreed to go suitless from the waist-down. The comedian revealed he was wearing only underwear and slapped his butt for emphasis.

Colbert’s devil-may-care attitude spilled over into his criticism of President Donald Trump. While debate rages over whether news outlets should cover the president’s falsehood-filled daily briefings live, Colbert went a step further.

He showed a recent clip of a news conference with Trump riffing about his hair. Colbert then returned to the makeshift set with a beer. “Is he done?” the host asked. “Did I miss anything? No? OK.”

Colbert highlighted another moment, this one featuring Trump and MyPillow guy Mike Lindell praising God for putting Trump in office. That prompted Colbert to leave again and reappear with rum, which he poured into his beer.

“Is he done?” Colbert asked.

Yeah, it was that kind of monologue.


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