Taking children to friends and family for babysitting is ok, Chief Health Officer says

Parents can take their children to their family and friends' places for babysitting purposes if they are working or studying or need to leave their homes, the state's Chief Health Officer has clarified.

The clarification will come as a relief for many families who have been struggling with working and studying from home while taking care of their children.

Parents can have friends and family babysit their children, the chief health officer has clarified. Credit:iStock

Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton has amended the Stay at Home orders to explicitly state parents can have another person come to their house to look after their children if they need to go out for one of the four essential reasons, or if they are working or studying from home.

Parents are also allowed to drop of their children at a babysitter's house, including their friends' and families' homes.

Victorians are only allowed to leave their homes if they are providing or receiving care (which Dr Sutton has clarified includes babysitting duties), getting food or supplies, exercising, and going to work or school.

The rules apply for paid and voluntary babysitting.

But in a statement, the Department of Health urged people to consider "whether an activity is truly necessary at this time".

Twelve Victorians have died from COVID-19, while there are 1212 confirmed cases in the state.

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