Tech firm Belkin’s phone charger doubles as an ultra-violet bacteria sanitiser

You can now sanitise your valuables from bugs and bacteria while you charge your phone.

Tech firm Belkin has invented a white box that gives your mobile a power boost on the outside while, inside, it doubles as a UV sanitiser.

The clever kit can clean valuables like your keys, cash and credit cards each day with a blast of UV light.

It’s so good bosses reckon it eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria on nonporous items in ten minutes.

The charger is a 10W fast wireless charger that uses QI technology, so you just have to pop your QI-enabled smartphone on top of the case and it starts charging.

The firm said: “Our UV sanitiser has two modes to sanitise your keys, cards, rings, or mobile devices, giving a quick clean in three minutes or a deep clean in ten.

“Once it’s done sanitising it turns off on its own. Plus, it’s compact enough to fit on your desk, kitchen counter, or bed stand.”

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UV light is a type of electromagnetic radiation that comes naturally from the sun and can also be created artificially with specialised bulbs.

There are three types of UV radiation, UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C, none of which can be observed with the naked eye.

Of the three, UV-C has the smallest wavelengths and is the one required for UV disinfection.

Many hospitals use UV light to disinfect against superbugs. Airlines and hotels are also plumping for the technology. JetBlue started testing a UV light robot last year that’s able to disinfect an entire airline cabin within 10 minutes.

The Boost Charge UV Sanitiser + Wireless Charger costs £59.99.

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