The 8 Best Magazine Subscriptions for Kids in 2022 | The Sun UK

PACKED with fun facts, stories, stickers, activities and much more, magazines are as popular as ever with kids – and parents – for keeping boredom at bay.

And with tons of subscription services available it's even better as kids will love getting their favourite magazine delivered in the post.

Magazines are a great way to get kids to enjoy reading at an early age.

There's a huge selection of kids magazines available covering everything from current affairs and the natural world to arts and crafts and comic-strips.

With a move to be more eco-friendly, many magazines are printed on recycled paper and are going plastic-free too.

A subscription service saves you a trip to the shops with the little ones in tow – plus it often saves you money too.

We've rounded up nine of our favourite mags to suit a range of ages and budgets.

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