The Best Kid Snacks to Pick Up During Your Next Aldi Trip

Kids may be home from school, but that doesn’t mean after-school snacks are a thing of the past. And one of the best stores to pick up healthy, kid-friendly snacks is Aldi.

Aldi has a wide selection of kid snacks, many of which ditch the preservatives and sugar but still taste great. Two brands in particular that are sold at Aldi — Simply Nature and Little Journey — stand out as ahead of the pack. In search of puff snacks in a variety of popular flavors, from white cheddar to strawberry-apple? Simply Nature has it. Or, in search of snacks for younger kids? Head straight for the Little Journey products.

Ahead, we’ve curated a list of the best-of-the-best kid snacks to pick up during your next Aldi trip, from frozen treats to “squeezies.”


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