The Pet Stain Remover Amazon Shoppers Say Is 'Miracle Liquid Gold' Is 30% Off Today Only

If there's one downside to owning a pet, it's all of the cleanup that inevitably comes with it. We love our four-legged friends, but we can do without the smells that are unfortunately a huge part of training a brand new puppy or kitten after welcoming them into our once-fresh homes. But more than 28,000 Amazon shoppers think they've found a solution that some are calling "miracle liquid gold." 

They're talking about the super popular Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator that, for today only, is a huge steal at 30 percent off. The brand's three different sized bottles (8-ounce, 24-ounce, and one gallon) of its beloved cleaner are discounted today as one of Amazon's Deals of the Day. If the major markdown isn't enough to entice you to try the effective deodorizer, take it from this glowing review written by a shopper who bought a home that was "soaked" in cat and dog urine, and whose eyes and nose burned just standing inside their house.

"I didn't have high expectations," the shopper writes, "until I sprayed that miracle liquid gold. I tried it in one area downstairs to see if it worked and 15 minutes later the contractors moved to the same area because it was the only spot that wasn't assaulting your nose with urine. I went Angry Orange nuts and sprayed it everywhere. I was like Snow White, spinning, circling the house, spraying willy nilly. Music played in my head and a smile was on my face. Fast forward 4!! years later. No smell. It is gone. PERMANENTLY."

Buy It! Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator, $13.97 (orig. $27.97);

The secret behind the top-selling product's success is that it's a commercial-grade odor eliminator made with real citrus oil. It can be used on tons of different surfaces, like carpet, wood, and upholstery. It's also safe to use inside your home, and the brand even encourages using it in and around litter boxes and wherever else your pet likes to do their business. 

What you get inside these bottles of "orange magic" is a concentrate, meaning it has to be mixed and diluted with water before using. While the 8-ounce bottle is enough to produce a gallon of solution, those with multiple pets who are looking to get the most bang for their buck over time should consider buying the gallon-sized bottle (marked down today to $37.47 from $54.99) that Angry Orange says equals five 24-ounce bottles of premixed solution. 

Shoppers agree that a little bit of the concentrate goes a long way and that it didn't take a lot of effort or even multiple passes to rid their homes of the smells their pets inflicted upon it. 

"I have a rug doctor that carries a gallon of water," another shopper, who titled their review of Angry Orange ″lifesaver,″ writes. "I only used three capfuls of the product in the gallon tank and it lifted the smells the first time. You DO NOT need a lot of product to make magic happen."

To perform a few fresh, orange-scented tricks of your own on those lingering pet stains in your home, buy a bottle (or gallon) of Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator while it's at its lowest price we've seen all year.

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