The Prize Is The Prize: The Most Expensive Victory Trophies

With several awards and recognition societies today, factors like the value of the prize and the popularity of the event, some become more famous on a global scale compared to the others. It is often the case that the most expensive awards are also the most renowned ones.

Award distributions are a relatively common sight today in verticals like sports, literature, peace, research, and social work. However, since sports events are one of the most extravagantly sponsored events and reach a global scale compared to all others, the trophies and prizes themselves are usually quite expensive.

Here are some of the most expensive awards handed to sportspersons year after year.

9 ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy

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The ICC Cricket World Cup came into existence the same year as the Super Bowl cricket tournament. As a result, it is not only one of the priciest trophies on the list but also one of the most good-looking.

It has a unique design of three silver columns that support a golden globe on the top. The price of this trophy is a mind-blowing $30,000. However, the winning team does not get to keep the original model but only a replica of it.

8 The Super Bowl Trophy (Vince Lombardi Trophy)

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The Super Bowl is the National Football League or NFL championship, and the trophy reserved for this grand sports event is called the ‘Super Bowl Trophy’ or the ‘Vince Lombardi Trophy.’

As suspicious as it sounds, this prize comes at a hefty value of approximately $50,000. It was created in 1967 and is awarded every year to the winner. This prize weighs about 3.2 kgs, and unlike most other expensive trophies, the winner gets to keep this one for life which means a new trophy is made every year.

7 Africa Cup Of Nations Trophy

The Africa Cup Of Nations also referred to as AFCON or CAN, is one of Africa’s most famous international men’s association football competitions. It is also a historic event as the first match held in 1957 was sanctioned by the Confederation of African Football.

Thus, the African Cup Nations Trophy also holds historical value when it comes to football. It has a value of about $150,000 and is given to the winner every two years.

6 America’s Cup Trophy

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When it comes to sailing, the most prestigious trophy and the most expensive is undoubtedly the ‘America’s Cup Trophy.’ It has a value of about $250,000 and is awarded to the winner of the sailing race.

The race is usually between two sailing yachts, and the competition is considered to be one of the oldest international competitions in any sport. It was named ‘America’s Cup’ after the winning yacht of 1851, and later it came to be hailed as the ‘Auld Mug’ by the sailing community.

5 Ballon d’Or trophy

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The Ballon d’Or Trophy might not be as famous as the FIFA World Cup Trophy, but it is one of the most prestigious. It is awarded to the best footballers annually, irrespective of gender. In addition, this trophy is insured at a value of approximately $600,000.

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This prize holds such prestigious significance because it is given by a reputed French magazine and is one of the oldest football prizes. It has been awarded to several famous footballers over the years, including Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

4 Stanley Cup Trophy

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The Stanley Cup Trophy is reserved for the Canadian National Hockey League or NHL and is worth over $650,000. However, in terms of raw materials, its value is about $23,478.

This prize weighs around 15.6 kgs and is considered one of the oldest and most precious trophies awarded to a team. The award is so old that with all the teams’ names engraved on it, the trophy itself had to be changed for a new one. In addition, this trophy also has the reputation of being one of the largest worldwide.

3 Borg-Warner Trophy

The Borg-Warner Trophy is awarded to the winner in a motorsports event. It is currently worth over $1.3 million, but back in 1936, it was originally worth about $10,000. With the increasing significance of this sport, the value of the prize has also increased.

The trophy is named after the automotive supplier BorgWarner who created this trophy in 1936. This is the prize associated with the oldest automobile race globally, and that is one reason behind its popularity. The winner gets to keep a miniature replica of the original trophy.

2 Woodlawn Vase Trophy

The Woodlawn Vase is awarded for a horse riding race known as the Preakness Stakes, held annually on the third Saturday of May. This trophy was awarded for the first time in 1861 when the horse race was introduced, and it was made in the previous year by Tiffany and Co.

Thus, the Woodlawn Vase Trophy goes back a long way. It is worth an extravagant $2.5 million. The winner does not get to keep the real trophy, but they are given a replica. Although the material is worth about $5000, the rich heritage of the trophy makes it one of the most expensive in the world.

1 FIFA World Cup trophy

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The FIFA World Cup trophy is the second most expensive trophy but is undoubtedly one of the most famous prizes worldwide. It is made to be awarded to the winning football team in a FIFA World Cup match.

This trophy weighs more than 6 kgs and is worth a mind-blowing $20 million. This timeless world cup trophy was designed back in 1974 by the Italian artist Silvio Gazzaniga. It has 18 carats of gold on it, but since there is only one such trophy, making it irreplaceable, the winning team does not get to keep it.

Yet, while The FIFA World Cup Trophy might be the most popular award, the elusive Fortune 40 Trophy is even more expensive than the former. The Fortune 40 Trophy is reportedly the most pricey award globally, worth a jaw-dropping $27.6 million and $23 million excluding VAT. (See It Here) However, it was more symbolic than an ctual prize.

This trophy is related to FIFA as this was made in 2018 as a tribute to FIFA’s 40th anniversary. The trophy is made from iron and has a sterling silver finish to it. It can be preserved without a scratch for a lifetime because of its antioxidant varnish. Such a high price is also because of the diamonds embedded in the rim, on the handle, and the base of the trophy, making it look aristocratic.

These trophies are expensive and are made for popular sporting events is anything but coincidental, as more value is attached to the award when the competition has a rich history and a huge fan base.

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