The Ways Akon Earns And Spends His Millions

Akon, a talented musical artist, celebrity, and renowned philanthropist, is known to spend his hard-earned millions for the noblest of causes. He was born Aliaune Damala Badara Akon Thiam in St. Louis, Missouri, the United States, in 1973. ‘Akon’ is the stage name he adopted after becoming a famous American rapper, singer, record producer, entrepreneur, and actor.

With a very successful career, Akon invests in several projects besides dealing with endorsements. Recently, Akon gained new fame and regard for his solar city- a project to provide electricity to every house in Senegal. He is also known to live a very lavish life with luxury estates, luxurious cars, and exclusive merchandise.

The rapper has a net worth of about $80 million. Here is an account of how Akon earns and spends his vast fortune.

5 Spends: Real Estate

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Akon is known to own a fancy home in Alpharetta, a city in Georgia, United States. This house is so huge that it covers about 4.6 acres, with 6897 square feet, according to Ten Over Ten. The property cost him about $1.65 million. It has six master bedrooms, eight elegant bathrooms, a spa, a swimming pool, an aristocratic fireplace, a media room, and an extensive garage. It also has a cozy library, a bar, and dining room that has the capacity for 12 guests. Over all the estates have all the luxury amenities that one dreams of.

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Akon is also known to have splurged a massive $2.68 million behind his Atlanta home. This is his second property in Georgia, and it has ten grand bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a beautiful kitchen, and a vast dining space.

4 Earns: A Prosperous Music Career

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The famous singer and rapper had a turbulent childhood and adolescence in terms of money and privileges, but he grew strong and resilient. He could move on from his murky past to finally start a music career in 2003. Famous record producers like DeVyne Stephens and Knobody were thoroughly impressed by his talents and wanted to sponsor him.

He made his debut in the music industry with the album ‘Trouble’ in 2004. According to Money Inc, his next performance was a single called ‘Lonely’ that got released the following year and earned him a five on The Billboard Hot 100 and number 1 in the UK charts.

2006 was a crucial time for him as he released his second album called ‘Konvict’ and launched his record label named KonLive Distribution under Interscope records. Akon has sold about 35 million copies of albums which earned him most of his massive $80 million net worth other than investments in lucrative projects.

3 Spends: Expensive Cars

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The pop star has a refined taste for supercars and luxury automobiles, manifested in his car collection. This collection has a customized Porsche Panamera for which he paid about $78,100. It comes with a V8 engine with a speed of 0-60 miles/hr in only 3.5 seconds.

But this is not the only car that Akon owns. He also possesses a Ferrari 458 Italia, which boasts a massive cost of $60,000. It is speculated that this could be the favorite car of Akon as he uses this grand white beast frequently.

Among other pricey vehicles that the star owns are the Lamborghini Murciélago Roadster and a Dartz Prombron SUV. Another car that stands out among his other possessions is a Lamborghini Gallardo Aachen which is also one of the most expensive vehicles he owns, costing about $200,000. His cars are super comfy when it comes to riding short or long hours, making him a real connoisseur in cars.

2 Earns: Akon’s Clothing line Business

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Akon has invested in building his clothing line, which he has named Konvict Clothing. It was started in 2008 and featured urban streetwear and trendy casuals, including jeans, denims, and sweatshirts.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, The famous American rapper has also mastered entrepreneurial skills. Another clothing brand launched by him is Aliaune which features more classy outfits.

1 Spends: Philanthropy in Rural Africa

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Akon set up a charitable fund called Akon Lighting Africa in 2014, as stated by Mr. Deep Pocket. Located in Bamako, Mali, this fund was used to find the best engineers to create a solar power system for generating electricity. It was the beginning of his project of bringing electricity to every Senegalese home.

Soon, Akon let his project evolve into building a whole city that could be a secure and comfortable home for underprivileged Senegalese and the rural African communities who have lived most of their lives without essential resources like electricity. ‘Akon City’ is still a work in progress, but Akon, amongst other investors, has spent some fancy bucks in making this billion-dollar dream come true. He also plans to have a cryptocurrency system set up in this futurist city called ‘Akoin.’

The self-made American star is so wealthy that he also owns a diamond mine in Africa from which he makes millions of dollars and is known to wear a Convict chain made of diamond worth about $15000.

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