These Rain-Soaked New Yorkers Were Surprised By Paul Rudd While Waiting in Line to Vote

It's raining Rudd! Paul Rudd surprised voters with cookies from Milk Bar as a thank you to all of those casting their ballots.

Bad weather didn't get these New Yorkers down, thanks to a little visit from Paul Rudd

On Oct. 29, the Ant-Man star stopped by the Barclays center in Brooklyn, where hoards of New Yorkers lined up in the rain to vote in the pivotal 2020 election. The actor supplied voters with Milk Bar treats, including the brand's famous corn cookie.

"They didn't have [a] big box, he just had kind of a big armful of cookies and he had on his mask and gloves, just handing out cookies saying thank you for voting and good on you for being out here," actor and producer Adam Weppler, who posted a pic with Paul on his Instagram, told E! News. "It's exactly what you would expect from someone like Paul Rudd in my opinion, what I'd hope to believe."  

Adam, who is an actor in the upcoming film Ten Minutes to Midnight, out January 19, 2021, also shared that Paul was wearing a mask making it harder for people to recognize him. 

Of his initial interaction with the Marvel star, Adam said, "I just said, 'Oh, Paul Rudd! It's so cool that you're here.' And he said, 'Oh, it's so cool that YOU'RE here doing your civic duty!'"

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Paul isn't the only actor handing out treats to voters. 

This week, Law and Order: SVU star Mariska Hargitay headed to Madison Square Garden's voter line to supply people doing their civic duty with Milk Bar cookies. 

In an Instagram post of her posing with a fan during her time hanging out on the voter line, Mariska wrote, "#ThisIsWhatDemocracyLooksLike: it looks like showing up, putting in the time, putting in the energy, feeling the gratitude of those who came before us and fought for this right, allowing yourself to be heard, holding institutions accountable, doing your part for equality, doing your part for your country, doing your part of those around you."

It seems New Yorkers have two more reasons to vote early: A potential celebrity sighting, and, of course, a cookies!

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