TikTok Star Auctioning Viral Video As $500,000 NFT

In the world of non-fungible tokens, anything is possible, and that’s precisely what Nathan Apodaca is counting on.

Those of you that are unfamiliar with his name, may know him better as the super chill man that was skateboarding down the street to the beat of Fleetwood Mac song Dreams while drinking Ocean Spray. Business Insider reports that he’s on to a brand new adventure with this video. He has really made a name for himself since that video went viral and now he’s looking to maximize on his experience by auctioning an NFT of his video, and he’s letting the bidding start at $500,000. The ‘true value’ of an NFT is a difficult thing to peg, but depending on how the bidding goes in this situation, Apodaca may very well be able to put a price tag on the digital rights to this video very soon.

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Nathan Apodaca regularly posted videos to YouTube, but after numerous uneventful posts, he didn’t expect this particular video of himself skateboarding to perform any better than the rest. He definitely didn’t expect the video to be viewed over a million times and go viral, but that’s precisely what happened. The difference from one day to the next was a big one for Apodaca. As the success of this video soared, so did his online fame. Before he knew it he was being gifted a brand new truck by Ocean Spray, as a thank you for putting their brand front and center in his viral video. Of course, it was full of Ocean Spray beverages.

Now that Apodaca has gotten a taste of how well received this video was across the globe, he is taking things one step further and solidifying this epic journey with a smooth idea. The NFT’s could net big bucks, and will be available on Rarible for anyone willing to start the bidding at $500,000.

There are a few little snags in this campaign though.

Anyone looking to get their hands on the digital rights to this incredible video will have to be aware that a few concessions have had to be made along the way. Apodaca doesn’t have rights from Ocean Spray or from Fleetwood Mac, so the bottle name will be blurred, and the NFT’s will come with the original audio that was recorded with this video.

The lucky purchaser will have the digital rights to a modern-day piece of history, and will surely be publicly recognized. As for Apodaca, he plans on purchasing a home for himself and for his parents if he’s able to clinch this sale.

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