TOWIE’s Gemma Collins admits she was ‘older’ when she had sex for first time

Gemma Collins has told fans that she was 18 when she lost her virginity, explaining she "was older” than her contemporaries.

The confession came after Gemma read out a listener’s problems on her BBC Sounds podcast.

The troubled fan said she was 21 but had never had a serious or intimate relationship.

She said: "I'm actually still a virgin. I'm really insecure about my weight being a plus-size girl."

The listener added: "Recently it's really affected my mood. I can't help but think I'm never going to be good enough and always be the single friend."

Gemma was quick to reassure the fretful fan and shared that she had not been much younger when she first slept with someone.

The reality legend said: "So, hun, listen, it is absolutely fine.

"I didn't lose my virginity till I was 18 years old. I was older. Again if you lose it before there's nothing wrong with that.

"I basically really feel for you, hun because you're thinking there's something wrong with you but it's absolutely fine.

"Wait until you're ready, wait until it just happens. Someone is going to love you for you."

Gemma has been on a mega health kick of late and has shed an impressive 3.5 stone and has rebranded herself as the “fitness queen”.

Her image overhaul includes having a personal trainer, eating healthily and encouraging her fans to take up running and exercising.

Ever the entrepreneur, Gemma, 40, has also launched her own fitness range.

In terms of her tumultuous love life, Gemma has split from on-off beau James Arg Argent and is back with her ex Rami Hawash.

But before the family start planning on buying wedding hats, Gemma warned The Sun: "Me and Rami is nothing serious. He is a lovely guy and I am just having some fun.

“We’re not properly dating, we’re not getting married. We’re just friends and we occasionally go out for dinner. It isn’t serious, it’s fun.

“I’ve had a tough time in the past and Rami has been a great support. We have a great time together and that’s all there is to it.”

Rami, 45, owns a car mechanical repairs company in Romford, Essex.

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