Tricky optical illusion asks players to work out colour of the handbag

Optical illusions are made to confuse your mind.

We've seen many trick our brains in recent weeks, from coloured spots to baffling shapes.

Now the creators at Gala Spins have just shared a new brainteaser – and this one is seriously tricky.

In the image, nearly two thirds of people (around 63%) polled said they see a green handbag, while 37% think it's blue.

So why do people see the image in a different light? Fortunately there's an explanation to this.

Bhavin Shah, optometrist at Central Vision Opticians, said: "In this case, there isn't enough information or context about the object.

"So the brain has to apply its own processing and create a reality that it feels is correct."

Bhavin added: "Most optical illusions work because our eyes take in optical information from the light.

"However, there are lots of potential sources of error that can result in the brain interpreting something differently.

"Optical illusions occur when there isn't enough context, so our brain fills in the gaps, meaning different people see different things."

So do you see a blue or green handbag? Let us know in the comments below!

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Karina Adrian, Head of Brand Marketing and Partnerships at Gala Spins, said: "What we love about optical illusions is the uniqueness of what people see, and how they allow people to put their own spin on things.

"Different people will look at the same image and see something completely different, all because our eyes and brains interpret what they're presented with in different ways.

"We hope that our illusions will get Brits scratching their heads and debating what the images show."

For more information on Gala Spins, visit the website.

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