Trisha Paytas’ wild life from being shot at to identifying as chicken nugget

Big Brother star Trisha Paytas is celebrating their 33rd birthday today.

Given the online bombshell has become one of the most compelling character's to ever feature on YouTube, Daily Star is sharing some of the moments that helped them to become a viral internet sensation.

Trisha, who identifies as non-binary, has successfully carved out quite an extraordinary career, now boasting 4.9 million subscribers on their main platform, along with 1.36 million on a separate vlog.

Their internet fame wasn't just achieved from longstanding feuds and crying on the kitchen floor after splitting from a significant other – although those snippets did also help to boost their profile.

Instead we are exploring some of their wildest confessions along with snippets from Trisha's very colourful life.

From being shot at by a celebrity ex and feeling "like a chicken nugget", we've got it all.

Successful music star

Many of Trisha's fans will not know that the star had actually released nine albums in total.

In November 2014, they unleashed their first ever solo career with Santa Baby which was a cover of Eartha Kitt's original.

After releasing yet another cover track in April 2015, Trisha decided to shake things up, unveiling her own track called Fat Chicks the month later.

The controversial song title caused much uproar so much so, Trisha felt the need to explain her thought process.

Speaking to Business Insider at the time, Trisha said: "No one comes right out and says it, fat.

"It's like this taboo word that people do take offence to, including me at one point, but why?

"It's really just me taking a word that so many people describe me as and throwing it away … Like, I'm fat fat fat fat, is that good now? Can we stop talking about that in every video I post and every picture I take?"

Being shot at by an unnamed celebrity

Having had such a flamboyant career in the spotlight, from modelling, singing and the odd acting gig it was actually Trisha's emotional YouTube videos that brought the most fame.

One video in particular sparked an online frenzy after they'd made the shock admission of being shot at by a celebrity that couldn't be named for legal reasons.

Trisha was in the middle of the podcast when the question was asked about some of her wildest nights – it's safe to say not one of their listeners were prepared for the confession that came next.

The YouTuber claimed to be 22 at the time the incident took place in Malibu, California.

Even though Trisha explained they had been under the influence of questionable substances and a non-disclosure agreement was forced on them to sign.

Speaking on YouTube, Trisha said: "For me, I left right away, because I thought he was going to kill me because I was f**ked up.

"I remember I got in my car and left. …he's like, it turns him on to shoot guns. …he told me to stand over there, and just shot around my head. That's what I remember."

Celebrity Big Brother stint

Most of Trisha's UK fans will probably associate the former model with the time they entered the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Although, the stint was over pretty quickly, Trisha certainly made an impact during the 11 days being in the famous house.

After furiously exiting the reality show, they were quick to follow up with a tweet to convey their thoughts and feelings, especially surrounding other stars of the show.

Her tweet explained that it had been the "worst experience" of her life and everyone who was in the house with her was "fake."

Taking particular aim at Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding, Trisha labelled her as "trash," while adding that Ex On The Beach contestant Jemma Lucy was "extremely aggressive," and that former Hollyoaks star Paul Danan was a "fake a**."

Feeling 'like a chicken nugget'

Trisha once took a breakup so hard that they unveiled a YouTube video titled "I'm A Chicken Nugget" which went viral online.

Speaking to the camera, the online sensation confused fans as they said: "When you feel like a chicken nugget, you feel like … not delicious.

"Well, you feel delicious, but you also feel, like, fried. And fake on the inside … I'm pink goop and now I'm a chicken nugget."

The internet star then explained: "I don't think I should be considered crazy for identifying as such."

Wardrobe blunder

The digital beauty isn't just a hit with fans on YouTube, in recent years Trisha has also built up quite an audience on TikTok too.

However, one of their uploads took a red faced turn when eagle-eyed followers believed they had spied Trisha's vagina.

In the segment, Trisha was singing along to the musical Beetlejuice when two of the buttons from their sprung open.

Trisha wasn't wearing any underwear and fans had spotted this and highlighted the embarrassing wardrobe blunder.

In an apology video, Trisha explained: "There were two buttons that weren't buttoned down there. It wasn't explicit.

"To be fair, it wasn't my vagina, it was above it, it was below the bellybutton area. Nevertheless, I deleted it immediately. I was mortified."

Coming out as non-binary

Any fan of Trisha's will know the online influencer has struggled with their identity from times.

However, after downloading TikTok, Trisha felt that they had finally found the courage to identify as non-binary while thanking their fianée, Moses Hacmon for accepting and support their decision.

Trisha said: "This is what I've been struggling with for so long, is for people to just accept that I'm all genders and no genders at once.

"The more I was researching non-binary, I was like, 'This is the label. This is who I am.""

The YouTuber's decision to come out as non-binary followed a video in 2017 called "I'm no longer a person".

In the segment, Trisha frolicked around in underwear before telling subscribers that they no longer had an identity.

The digital star added: "Because I no longer have an identity.

"I don't want to be made fun of or compared to my videos because they are no longer me. I am stepping back from a persona, from a person that is Trish."

In the same clip, Trisha also urged for humans to no longer wear clothes.

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