TV cook Lisa Faulkner turns potato peelings into a delicious snack

In these strange times of self-isolation where conserving food is so important, we’re happy to see TV cook Lisa Faulkner sharing her tips for using up discarded food. How many of us throw away potato peelings when making mashed potato, roasties or homemade chips? Did you know they actually make a really delicious snack? Lisa took to her Instagram Stories page on Wednesday to reveal her clever trick for turning food waste into tasty nibbles – in this case, potato peelings into crisps! She said: “More potato peelings. Going to leave them in water and cook them tomorrow in the oven 180 for 35-40 minutes with a little oil and salt for crispy gorgeousness!!”

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This had honestly never occurred to us but we’ll be doing it forever now. And you could try the tip with other vegetable peelings too such as parsnips or carrots for some crunchy vegetable crisps. Yum!

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Lisa’s genius potato peeling idea

Lisa and her husband John Torode, host of MasterChef, have been keeping busy during the lockdown by sharing recipes with their Instagram followers and doing video demonstrations of their favourite dishes. So far we’ve seen the pair cook a ‘no yeast pizza’, some ‘sunshine shorties’ biscuits, toad in the hole and banana bread – great family staples.

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Lisa with chef husband John Torode

The actress has been posting messages of support to her fans too. Previously sharing an intimate selfie from bed John, Lisa wrote: “Good morning. It’s the little things like having a cup of tea in bed with my husband before we start our day. Chatting and planning what we can do, how we can help. Being thankful for the things we have and mostly the love we have with each other and our children and family and friends. Hang in there everyone. We can get through this together.”

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