UFC star Justin Jaynes bets entire purse of £22,500 that he would beat Charles Rosa… only to LOSE on split decision

UFC featherweight Justin Jaynes was dealt a heavy blow as he was beaten by Charles Rosa – and also lost his ENTIRE purse.

Jaynes came into the fight having lost his last three but announced he would roll the dice by lumping his earnings on himself.

Jaynes estimated his total bet to be worth nearly $25,000 (£22,500) having been placed as the bookies underdog.

Per Overtime Heroics' Danny Podolsky, he said: "As soon as the betting line comes out between Justin Jaynes and Charles Rosa, I’m putting my entire fight contract on myself, and my coaches are doing that as well.

"I’m betting close to 25K that I’m winning my fight because that’s how much I believe in myself.

"This is all in for me, and if I lose this fight, I do not get paid and my coaches do not get paid either.

"And that won’t be as bad as losing my job of being in the UFC."

After the gamble gained traction, Jaynes admitted he would be 'broke' if he lost, but believed in himself to carry on with the punt regardless.

He said on Instagram: "I really appreciate the positive energy I've received and the negative energy received, but at the end of the day, I really just don't give a f***.

"It's not your money. Let me bet what I want to bet. I believe in myself. I believe in my coaching staff.


"I believe in my abilities. I believe in my full training camp. I'm taking a risk. My job is on the line. My UFC career is on the line.

"All the money that I'm going to be making in this fight is on the line and I love it. But I do want to reiterate, I don't give a f*** what any of you think.

"I'm getting these messages 'Oh, you're about to be broke.' Mother f***er, I was broke before. If I lose, I'll be broke again and I'll figure it out.

"It's not that serious to me."

Jaynes went on to agonizingly take Rosa the distance but was edged out by split-decision.

It leaves the American beaten in his last four fights and potentially facing being cut from the UFC.

But he followed up by assuring fans he had 'no regrets' as he addressed the wager on Twitter.

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