UKs biggest family share update to bathroom renovation as it gets cool new look

The UK's largest family often give fans a glimpse into their life.

Parents Sue and Noel Radford usually share their biggest news on YouTube or Instagram.

Now in their latest news, the household gave a sneak preview into their new bathroom in their Lancashire home.

In the footage, the shows a half-tiled bathroom with tools all over the ground as it was under construction.

It also shows the pipes are sticking out of the wall, which is yet to be tiled.

The caption read: "A bit of bathroom progress I can't wait until it's all finished."

Meanwhile, another clip shows a boomerang of a large marbled grey tile, leaning up against a wall.

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The caption revealed how those were the tiles that are going on the wall.

And a final video clip shows a chaotic scene of a room with sheets strewn across the floor.

There was also planks of wood leaning against the walls and various building materials dotted around.

The Radfords said: "Current state of upstairs. It will all be so worth it though. I just keep having to repeat this to myself."

A glimpse of the family's new bathroom comes after Noel and Sue revealed they spent more than £1million raising their kids.

But it's not just on their children as the pair manage a life of luxury with trips out and a swanky £30,000 Range Rover.

The family doesn't claim benefits, instead they live on the income of Noel's bakery business and their show.

During the pandemic, the parents transformed their outdoor space to include a hot tub and bar, as well as a pizza oven from Aldi.

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In the past, the family have been pictured lounging on the new outdoor sofa outside their 10-bedroom home in Morecambe.

They also set up a cinema projector and once shared snaps of a movie night where they watched Jurassic World.

Sue also told how the family have celebrated 288 birthdays in total, adding: "That's a lot of wrapping of presents.

"And even though we have a lot of birthdays throughout the year, we always make sure the kids have their one special day."

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