USB-C's Latest Upgrade Will More Than Double Its Power Output

USB-C is about to get a 2.1 upgrade that’ll more than double its power output.

Thanks to a new development from the USB Implementers Forum, we’re now able to move beyond the 100W USB-PD specification to the new Extended Power Range (EPR) category, which offers a power output of a staggering 240W. While its amperage remains at up to 5A, the new technology significantly improves the maximum voltage from 20V to an impressive 48V, naturally more than doubling the total wattage.

Provided your devices support the new voltage, you’ll be able to charge them at a much faster rate, on top of running heftier gadgets like gaming laptops and large monitors directly off USB-C. Of course, you’ll also need new cables that can support 5A and 50V to get the most out of the 2.1 upgrade.

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