Vegan woman BLASTS restaurant for giving her a menu with a rude note

‘The vegan s*** is circled’: Diner blasts ‘unprofessional’ Edinburgh restaurant for handing her a rude note when she asked about plant-based options on the menu

  • Lisa Cooney from Edinburgh, visited Ravelston House in Musselburgh on Sunday
  • Claims server gave her a note saying ‘vegan s**** has been circled’ on menu 
  • She has blasted the restaurant for disregarding any ‘potential allergy’

A vegan mother has vented her fury after receiving a ‘disgraceful’ note from waiting staff at a restaurant.

Lisa Cooney, from Edinburgh, had been dining at Ravelston House in Musselburgh with family on Sunday, when she asked her server which food options on their menu were suitable for vegans.

She was left speechless when the server returned holding a menu with circled items, along with a note that dropped on to floor, which read: ‘The vegan s**** has been circled.’ 

What’s more, one of the options circled – nachos with cheese and sour cream – was vegetarian, but not vegan. 

‘When I first read it I was in disbelief, then I was angry and upset, it’s insulting and so unprofessional, also the total disregard for any potential allergy is a worry,’  Lisa told Edinburgh Live

Lisa Cooney, from Edinburgh, has blasted Ravelston House in Musselburgh, after a server gave her a rude note (pictured) when she asked about vegan options 

‘For a chef to have that mentality is quite shocking.

Lisa explained that the incident occurred while she was eating out with her family who were visiting for the weekend. 

She asked the barman what options were vegan on the menu, and he went off to ask the chef. 

On his return, he handed over a menu with circled items and a note which he left on the bar, that fell to the ground.  

Lisa’s father picked it up, and she was shocked to read: ‘The vegan s**** has been circled.’ 

After the meal, she spoke to the manager who apologised and agreed the note wasn’t acceptable.’

The server circled vegan items on the menu (pictured), including nachos, vegetable spring rolls and a sweet potato, spinach & chickpea curry 

After speaking to staff, Lisa added that an assistant manager had spoken to her as they left, and was ‘much more understanding’ of the situation. 

The circled items on the menu included non-vegan nachos, vegetable spring rolls and a sweet potato, spinach & chickpea curry.  

Showing support for Lisa on Twitter, one person wrote: ‘@Ravelstonhouse f****** disgrace. Shame on you. I’ll make sure my non-vegan pals also boycott you. Poor show.’ 

Social media users have shown support for Lisa by claiming they will be boycotting the restaurant in the future 

Another took to Facebook, saying: ‘Unfortunately this is most chefs’ attitude. You would think being ‘trained’ in food that they would relish the opportunity to use their creativity and knowledge of flavours and textures and should be expanding their culinary skills even further now that the world is heading towards largely plant based way of living! Boycott places like this. Plenty of vegan eateries in Edinburgh.’

A third added: ‘Anti-vegan, redneck, a** ***** exist in every country. The world is rapidly changing, but people like this will never evolve. It’s just the backward, cave-era, belligerent crowd behaving badly again. Ignore them and move forward to the future.’ 

Edinburgh Live contacted Ravelston House for comment.

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