Waitress ‘fired’ after TikTok rant about skimpy crop top goes viral

A woman in the US claims she was “fired” from her job after she posted a TikTok “venting” at being sent home from her shift because her top was inappropriate.

Last week TikTok user @vaneskinnylegnd posted a clip saying she had been told to leave the restaurant she worked at because management “didn’t like my top”.

“I work at this bar-restaurant club thing where b**ches will show up there in f***ing corsets, lingerie tops to work but my shirt, my long-sleeve crop top shirt is f***ing ugly and inappropriate,” she said sobbing.

a series of very unfortunate events

After that video got more than 500,000 views, @vaneskinnylegnd revealed in a series of follow-up videos that she had gotten fired from her job for “venting” about the dress code.

She had gone to work the next day and “everything is fine”, only to be pulled into the manager’s office on her next shift and get “fired for posting (a) TikTok expressing how I felt, even though I didn’t name drop”.

“I showed up to work, drove 45 minutes here and they fired me,” she said.

“Someone definitely sent my video to the owners and they were like, ‘OK, even though she didn’t name drop, even though she didn’t even say anything bad about the restaurant we’re going to have to fire her ass because she’s talking about us,'” she said in one video.

“That’s why I literally got fired, because it’s privately f***ing owned by three men and obviously if I’m on the internet crying, even if I didn’t name drop, of course they’re going to f***ing fire me … I didn’t get a warning, they didn’t say can you take down the video, I didn’t name drop anyone.”

@vaneskinnylegnd’s predicament got a mixed reaction online, with some agreeing her firing was justified while others said it was unfair.

“I’m so sorry girl I hope a new job comes your way that fits better,” one person wrote.

“They’re jealous babes! You look amazing,” another commented.

“BYE they wish they look as good as you,” one viewer also wrote.

But some claimed her shirt had been “not for work” and “super inappropriate”.

“I know being dress coded isn’t fun and this situation sounds unfair but people need to learn how to dress professionally for work,” one commenter wrote.

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