Watch Deontay Wilder's wild reaction after bench pressing 310lbs before warning Tyson Fury to 'get your weight up'

DEONTAY WILDER warned Tyson Fury 'get your weight up' as he bench pressed 310lbs before going berserk.

Wilder is set to face Fury in a trilogy bout on July 24, having been beaten by the Brit in February 2020.

That night in Las Vegas, the American weighed a career-heaviest 16st 7lbs, but was still outweighed by THREE STONE.

In their first fight in 2018, which ended in a draw, Wilder scaled 15st 2lbs.

But despite the defeat while up in size, the ex-WBC champion appears to be focusing on bulking up further.

Fury has vowed to weigh 21stone and run over Wilder like an '18-wheeler'.

But the Bronze Bomber has other ideas as he showed off his weight lifting regime and went crazy after the bench press.

Wilder said: "I'm a train baby, you say you're a semi truck, I'm going to run you over like a freight train. You better get your weight up."

Fury, 32, boxed brilliantly the first time he shared the ring with Wilder, 35, but after hitting the deck twice he was reduced to only a draw.

In the rematch two years on, he switched up his tactics to go on the offensive, scoring two knockdowns of his own before winning in round seven.


Fury was not shy about planning a similar game plan when the pair renew their rivalry next month.

He said: "I gave my game plan away the first time because he wasn't good enough to do anything about it, I'll do the same thing this time.

"Deontay Wilder is a one trick pony, he has one punch power, we all know that, great.

"What I'll do to him this time is run him over as if I'm an 18-wheeler and he's a human being, I guarantee you it does not go past where it did before.

"I've had 18 months of practising what I'm gonna do to him.

"I want to get up to 300 pounds for this fight and I'm looking for the big knockout straight away."

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