Watch Quarantined Man Get Toilet Paper Delivered Via Drone in San Francisco

“hopefully this dumb tweet added some brief humor/happiness into your timeline/day. Stay safe & healthy everyone,” the man shared.

The coronavirus quarantines have people stocking up on supplies and causing shortages in necessities like nobody’s business.

And the idea of running out of toilet paper had one San Francisco man coming up with a creative way to make sure he was prepared for the long haul during the shelter-in-place mandate scheduled until April 7.

On Wednesday, Ian Chan got his buddy to deliver him some of that precious tissue high over the rooftops of the city by the bay via a drone.

"When you need that t.p. but Amazon is out, and you’re not supposed to leave your house; tech San Francisco doesn’t fail. Thank [email protected] the speedy cross city delivery- I owe you one 🧻," he captioned the hilarious 78-second video posted to his Twitter account.

During the clip, the quad-engine toy carries a single roll of toilet paper attached to a piece of tape to Chan, who grabs it and lets the drone make its way back to the helpful friend.

Chan said he posted the amazing feat for some much-needed levity in these trying times.

"There’s lots of people out there (here in US and other countries) in not good spots. I’m taking it very seriously. But hopefully this dumb tweet added some brief humor / happiness into your timeline/day. Stay safe & healthy everyone," he wrote.

He even posted another video featuring the footage from the drone’s perspective to show how he was waiting on his apartment balcony for the special delivery.

Chan chuckled as the robot got closer.

It’s pretty cool, to be honest. Check out the videos above!

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