Who Is Chloe Veitch From Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ Season 2? Here’s What She’s Been Up To Since Filming

If you tuned into The Circle season two, there is no way you missed Chloe Veitch. I can still hear her squeal of glee/fear responding to every ALERT. Her bubbly personality helped her connect with the rest of the cast and compete in the Big Brother-meets-Catfish popularity contest. The single-ready-to-mingle Essex gal definitely made her mark on Netflix and endeared herself to fellow contestants and fans.

No surprise there, it’s not her first reality TV rodeo. Chloe competed on Too Hot To Handle in 2020 and won Top Model U.K. before that. There’s a lot more to Chloe than what you’ve seen on screen, though.

Too Hot To Handle helped prepare Chloe for The Circle.

“To be honest, being on Too Hot To Handle and the love and the warmth that I had from fans all over the world has given me the confidence to go on TV again,” she told Women’s Health.

Her main takeaway from Too Hot To Handle? “Be yourself.” On the “catfish game,” she says that means “giving across good vibes and energy… and just be warm and squishy.” (Classic Chlo motto!)

Chloe’s stayed in touch with the other contestants.

Her #circlesisters and #cardashian connections with her season two cast mates turned out to be the real deal after all. It will never be as intense as during filming, but Chloe still has everyone’s back and wants them to know it.

“The one thing that I would hope from everyone is that if they were ever to have a down day, they could just message me and go ‘Chlo, I need your advice on something. I’m feeling a bit down today,’ and I would be there for them,” she tells WH.

Peep the season two trailer for more hints about Chloe’s time on The Circle.

She’s almost always wearing swimwear.

Her go-to looks on the Too Hot To Handle beach also appear IRL. At least, her Instagram feed is filled with bikini look after bikini look.


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Chloe’s into traveling (during normal times).

Pre-pandemic, she visited Egypt, Italy, and Spain. More recently, she jetted to Dubai for a photo shoot.


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She’s already planning her next big move.

And, it’s across the pond to the U.S. “I will move to America at some point for work. It’s just somewhere I’ve always wanted to live,” Chloe tells WH.

TBD if that includes a reunion with Mitchell…

Speaking of romantic relationships, Chloe seems single lately.

All she’s shared publicly about her recent dating life is a hilarious Galentine’s Day celebration with “me myself and I” in which she tagged the geolocation “Lonelyville.” She seemed pretty single back in February 2021, and you can read into it what you will.


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