Who’s Emily Atack’s mum Kate Robbins, how is she famous?

EMILY Atack, who first found fame on The Inbetweeners was a massive hit with fans on I'm A Celebrity.

But who is her mum Kate Robbins? – here's everything you need to know…

Who is Emily Atack's mother Kate Robbins?

Emily Atack’s mother is Kate Robbins, 58, who rose to fame in the 1980s as a singer.

She managed to grab the number two spot on the British charts with her song More Than In Love.

At the time she was also starring in the soap opera Crossroads.

However, she was mostly known for her long stint in the political satire show Spitting Image, which focused on parodying major figures in the 1980s.

These included Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan and the Queen, notably voiced by Kate Robins.

Is Emily Atack's mum Kate Robbins related to Sir Paul McCartney?

Kate Robbins is a first cousin once removed of Sir Paul McCartney.

Her mother was Paul's first cousin.

Emily has been pictured hanging out with the music legend's fashion designer daughter Stella McCartney backstage at one of her shows in Paris.

Kate's older sister Amy Robbins is also an actress and she has a brother called Ted.

Is Kate Robbins married?

Kate was previously married to musician Keith Atack.

The couple divorced in 2008 after 19 years of marriage.

How many children does Kate Robbins have?

Kate has three kids.

As well as Emily the couple also have a daughter Martha, 29 and a son George, 28.

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