Why Im saving for a Chanel bag not a house – despite living with my parents at 28

I can't afford a house deposit – fact.

I'll tell you why – after graduating from university, I moved to London to pursue a career in journalism and around half of my wages went on having a roof over my head. A rented roof.

Despite my best intentions and wanting to have some kind of life outside the office, I was rarely able to save more than £200 per month.

And Kirstie Alsopp, before you say anything, I don't like coffee (unless it's an espresso martini), ran around parks instead of getting a gym membership for many years, prefer RyanAir and have never had a Netflix subscription. Admittedly I used my mum's Netflix logins as I have an addiction to their original films.

When Covid-19 arrived I moved back in with my parents just outside of Birmingham. Like most things that happen in my life it was rather unintentional, I came back for a week and here I am over two years later.

During the lockdowns, I was able to save pretty well. Aside from a near-weekly delivery of new loungewear my money pot finally began to grow. But guess what, I still can't afford a deposit on a flat in London, where I want to be for my career. Here's some not at all shocking information: they are expensive, especially as a single woman.

I could host a pity party. Attendees: One. Maybe my mum and dad might show up for half an hour actually. Or I could accept the situation, and enjoy my life anyway.

I'd love to have a foot on the property ladder (I'd take a toe) – of course I would, but there are other things I want too. Should I deny myself of all the other joys just so I can maybe call myself a home owner in 5-10 years?

When I was younger, my biggest joy was heading to the corner shop where I was given a magazine budget by my dad.

Once I was home I would gather some snacks and flick through the pages, and admire all the celebrities. There was one thing in particular that caught my adolescent eye – the Chanel bag.

I wanted to be just like Coleen Rooney, Lily Allen and Victoria Beckham. I didn't care about their mansions or love lives, I cared about what was hanging off their shoulder.

While my friends were sketching out pretty flowers and love hearts, I was drawing myself holding THE bag.

Around two decades later, and it's still on my mind. Of course it doesn't make financial sense to spend well over £4000 on a bag. Admittedly, I am taking one step forward, two steps back, but to be honest I wasn't even close in the first place. So let me have my silly little bag.

Now to admit something crazy – I quite enjoy living with my parents. If Jodie Comer and even Kim Kardashian (who has quite a few Chanels of her own) can live with their parents in their late twenties, then I've got nothing to be ashamed of.

I probably will leave this year, and I will likely still be renting and I've come to terms with that fact.

And if you see me in a few months, holding a Chanel bag while jamming down what is clearly a medium sized salad into the small salad pot at Tesco's salad bar, mind your business.

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