Why Priscilla Presley Felt Elvis Presley Was Seeing Nancy Sinatra

Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s relationship was followed the world over – both by fans and the media. It wasn’t always easy for them especially because they weren’t always on the same continent. Let’s look at a time when Priscilla thought Elvis had moved on from her to Nancy Sinatra – and what Elvis had to say about what she was thinking.

Priscilla Presley is bombarded by the press while in Europe

In her book Elvis and Me, Priscilla states she was bombarded by the press while in Europe. The press asked a multitude of questions regarding her relationship. In addition, they told her Elvis was in a relationship with someone else.

The press asked Priscilla, “Did you know he’s seeing Nancy Sinatra?” Priscilla became sick and had to excuse herself from the conversation. Priscilla received TV offers from the United States as well as offers from European magazines – all wanting to know about her and Elvis. She began to receive letters from GI’s as well as Elvis’ fans – some of those were heart broken they had lost the singer to her. But above all else, she writes, “Days passed into weeks and I became more and more resigned to the fact that Elvis was now dating Nancy Sinatra and had completely forgotten me.” 

What Elvis Presley told Priscilla Presley about his relationship with Nancy Sinatra

Priscilla writes Elvis finally called her one day at 3 A,M. “Elvis, but there were photographers here and reporters and they kept asking me questions, and -oh, Elvis is it true you’re seeing Nancy Sinatra?” she asked. “No, It’s not true that I’m seeing Nancy Sinatra,” he replied. He said the press would often just “stir up trouble, just to make you upset.”

Elvis explained he was merely friends with Sinatra. “I’m appearing on her father’s show, and it was all set up for her to be here at my press conference when I returned to the States,” he said. “I miss you, Baby, I think about you all the time.”

The time Elvis Presley and Nancy Sinatra made a movie together

This raises an interesting question — Did Elvis and Sinatra ever work together after that press conference? They starred in the comedic musical Speedway in 1968. The film is probably most remembered today for its star power rather than its story or music.

What was Elvis Presley’s relationship with Nancy Sinatra actually like?

While the singers crossed paths on multiple occasions, it appears they were friends and not lovers. According to the Daily Express, she and the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll engaged in some “flirting, but just friendly flirting.” She added “Actually, we were like The Katzenjammer Kids.” For context, The Katzenjammer Kids was a family-friendly cartoon strip about mischievous brothers. Sinatra never said she was in an actual relationship with the “Can’t Help Falling in Love” singer — regardless of what the press said to Priscilla.

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