Woman buys an 'ugly lamb' cake and manages to make it even uglier

One woman who was hoping to buy a cake for Easter was left disappointed as the queue to even get in to the shop seemed miles long (those of us in lockdown can relate).

Teresa Such, from Illinoi, was left with slim pickings during Easter break two years ago and decided to share the story of how she made a bad cake even worse.

She had come upon a lamb cake and decided to purchase it in hopes of turning it into something a bit more festive.

But as she took it apart she slowly realised it was an impossible feat.

The cake seemed to get worse and worse until it looked inedible and thus the family decided not to eat it all.

Teresa says that it looked so bad in the end that it ruined Easter altogether.

She shared the tale on Snapchat initially but again on Facebook recently where it was greatly enjoyed by many.

‘Originally I was supposed to bake a cake, and when the day came I didn’t feel like it, so I went out and purchased one,’ Teresa told Metro.co.uk.

Teresa admitted that she thought she was slick when she opted for a lamb cake instead of any other style but the one she found was less than ideal.

But still, she bought it.

‘That’s the first thing I saw when I walked into the store, so I just grabbed it.

‘I think it came out pretty bad, but it was hilarious so I brought for Easter it anyway.’

To make things worse, Teresa was responsible for dessert for her family Easter dinner.

But instead of a pie or any other type of cake, Teresa ended up bringing ‘the spawn of Satan’.

She admits that she did get a little drunk which may have contributed to the disaster in the kitchen.

When she took away the store’s frosting and added in her own icing, the lamb’s head had fallen off. So she tried sticking it back on and adding another layer of icing to the thing.

The more she tried to fix it, the worse it got. But, she decided, she would rather come with a bad dessert than no dessert at all and took the finished piece to the dinner.

Luckily though, her family saw the funny side of it and had a laugh about it.

‘We did not eat it. My family loved it and didn’t want to ruin it.’

Poor little lamb.

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