Woman knocks out her teeth after getting drunk on bottomless mimosas

One mimosa, two mimosa, three mimosa, FLOOR! Drunk woman, 26, knocks out her front TEETH in a gory accident after a rowdy bottomless brunch

  • Autumn Cathey, from Delaware, shared a TikTok video of herself getting progressively drunk on mimosas while enjoying brunch with family and friends 
  • The hairstylist records herself ‘after seven mimosas’ and is then seen climbing onto the shoulders of one of her male brunch companions 
  • The next clip shows Autumn sitting in a car with blood pouring from her mouth, revealing that she has knocked out multiple teeth 
  • She did not explain exactly how it happened, but many viewers have assumed that she toppled off the shoulders of her friend 
  • The video quickly went viral on social media – with many viewers cringing over the painful footage, while others shared words of concern
  • In follow-up images and comments, Autumn revealed medical professionals ‘put her teeth right back in’ with glue

A 26-year-old woman was left suffering far worse than a bad hangover after a rowdy bottomless brunch when she toppled off a friend’s shoulders and knocked out all of her front teeth in a gruesome mimosa-fueled accident. 

Autumn Cathey, from Delaware, documented the very unfortunate consequences of a recent drunken outing in a now-viral TikTok video, in which she recorded herself getting progressively inebriated while drinking mimosas – before sharing a shocking clip of herself with blood pouring from her mouth, while revealing several missing teeth.

In the clip, which was filmed in Leonardtown, Maryland, and posted on Tuesday, Autumn is seen enjoying what looks like a fun-filled brunch with family and friends; she regularly updates viewers on the group’s drinking progress, filming herself after four mimosas, then six, and then seven – while her companions also proudly boast about their own alcohol intake.   

That’s going to be one hell of a hangover! A 26-year-old woman knocked out her front teeth in a gruesome accident after getting drunk at bottomless brunch 

Ouch! Autumn Cathey, from Delaware, shared a TikTok video from the brunch, which ended on a shocking note with her sitting in a car, flashing her bloody gums at the camera 

‘This is me after eight mimosas,’ one guy yells at the camera, while an older man – who appears comparatively sober – says that he has consumed ‘two flights of mimosas’. 

Autumn appears to lose track of her own alcohol intake at one point, telling the camera: ‘This is me after I think six mimosas?’ before returning with an update: ‘This is me after seven mimosas.’ 

Things then take a turn for the gory when the now-viral TikToker is filmed clambering onto the shoulders of one of her pals – who earlier stated that he had consumed ‘all of the flights of mimosas’ – outside of their brunch venue. 

‘Oh s**t, she’s getting on his shoulders,’ someone is heard saying while filming her from inside. 

‘This is so not good,’ another person exclaims while watching on. 

Autumn is seen clinging on to her friend’s head as he jogs along the sidewalk – while clutching a drink in his hand – before the video quickly cuts to the painful results of her drunken escapades.   

The next clip shows her sitting in the passenger seat of a car, opening her mouth to reveal several teeth missing, while blood pours from her gums. 

‘It’s OK, it’s OK,’ a woman is heard telling Autumn, who appears to be in floods of tears, although she still manages to flash a gummy smile at the camera.

In the caption of her TikTok post, Autumn issued a warning to her fellow brunch lovers, writing: ‘Bottomless mimosas are a drug.’ 

Unsurprisingly, the clip of her drunken accident quickly went viral after being shared across multiple social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit – with thousands of people referring back to her original TikTok to ask for more details about the unfortunate incident. 

‘Oh hunny I’m gonna need a part 2, story time, and pictures update ASAP,’ one person said, while another added: ‘OK I need an update ASAP! Girl you ok?!’  

In follow-up comments, the 26-year-old admitted that she was ‘traumatized’ by the accident, but she shared that she was able to get her teeth fixed – without the need for veneers or dentures. 

‘I’m fine!’ she reassured one commenter. ‘They put the teeth right back in and put glue across my whole upper row of teeth.  

Oh dear: The video then cuts to footage of Autumn clambering onto that same man’s shoulders outside the restaurant where they were enjoying brunch 

Danger! While she rides on her pal’s shoulders, a female companion can be heard saying ‘this is so not good’ 

Going, going, gone: Although Autumn is not filmed toppling off her friend’s shoulders, many viewers have assumed that is how she ended up knocking out her teeth  

Consequences: She is next seen sitting in the passenger seat of a car, opening up her mouth to reveal her missing teeth while blood pours from her gums 

All sorted! In a follow-up comment and Instagram Stories post, Autumn revealed that she had her teeth ‘put right back in’ with glue 

Autumn later shared an image of her newly-restored smile on her Instagram Stories, insisting that her ‘teeth are better’. 

But while some viewers offered words of sympathy and concern, others were quick to poke fun at the mishap, with multiple people joking about how Autumn might have spoken after losing several teeth. 

‘She boutta be saying “Mimothath” now,’ one person mocked, while another chimed in: ‘Too meny flighths of memothas.’ 

Several people urged her to look on the ‘brighth thide’, with one commenting: ‘You cut your brushing time in half. Think positive.’  

Autumn’s video proved such a viral success that it even caught the attention of someone who claimed to have been her server on the day that it was filmed. 

‘Hey guys, I was your server that day. Everyone doing alright?’ the woman – named Danielle – commented on the clip. 

‘Omg!’ Autumn replied, before adding: ‘Haha yes totally fine! Just a little bit traumatized!’

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